Bali – Monday 24 November – day 31

Bali dawn 2

Sanur at dawn. (C) PJ Croft 2014

Aaaaaarrrrrgh! Kidney stone! Damn. It started this morning about 9am and it’s still going on as I write this at 6pm. Obviously the pain is bearable to be able to sit up, but I’ve taken two Tramadol and they seem to be working to dull the ache. Feeling pretty woozy though. I can take the next two at 7.30pm so I hope they’ll keep me going.

The hotel will call a doctor for me if I need it at a cost of 1 million rupiahs, about A$92, but it’s not intense enough yet. If I have to I’ll go to the Bali International Medical Centre by taxi. But not yet.

We’ve moved hotels to the Besakih Beach Resort. We’re sharing a room again. This hotel feels much nicer than the other one and by sharing, the cost is the same. They are really trying hard here and are very friendly. I told the room boy I was in pain and soon afterwards I had a visit from a woman, who I think was a marketing person. She asked me if the room is OK and enquired about my pain, so word had been passed. That’s good.

So, not much to report today, except that Hardy’s looks as if its been spruced up since 2011. It looks good now instead of the chaos it was. I asked about getting new glasses made but they want a week to make them, so no luck there.

And I looked in on the DVD store and it seems much neater too. I found a DVD of the new SF movie Interstellar and grabbed one excitedly, but they said “It’s not a good transfer, sir”, meaning someone’s pointed a camera at a cinema screen. No thanks. They’re all Rp 10,000 or about $9.20. Seems higher than 2011? (No, Rp10,000 is 92c !)

Then it was to the Guardian chemist nearby to buy pain relief. They had Tramadol no problem at Rp 50,000 for 10, so I bought three strips. It’s in foil and seems to have worked. I asked if they had oxycodone as I was in a lot of pain but they couldn’t supply that one. Not surprising.

Time to try to eat some food – I haven’t eaten all day. Cloudy evening but no rain, I’m afraid. I was really hoping for the daily thunderstorms.


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