kate-silverton-0017Phwoar. Phwoar! “Girls who wear glasses get more passes.” They do from me, anyway, although I think I’ve got the saying reversed.

I saw this lady for the first time on the UK TV show, Would I Lie To You? She’s Kate Silverton, a TV newsreader on one of the channels, maybe BBC? She’s 44 and married with at least one child. No ring in this shot, though.

Anyway, this is what I like!


I continue to be fascinated by the SBS show from China, If You Are The One. I’ve mentioned it before, where 24 single women are lined up and single guys are brought out one by one to offer themselves for love and marriage.

Many of the women are very beautiful and many have high educational achievements (one particularly beautiful one a few nights ago had a Masters in Law – and she offered herself to the guy and he turned her down. What a fool.)

It’s quite a thing for these people to do. Many of the guys are completely rejected, and that must be pretty hard to take. On the other hand, the women have to decide whether to keep their light on for a guy, knowing very little about him, and risk rejection themselves.

I never cease to be amazed at the rejections of the guys. Some are obviously idiots, or too boastful, or just a bit weird, but many, many seem like really good guys and it’s very hard to see why all the women reject them. Some of the reasons given are just weird themselves – too skinny, too chubby, too young looking (even though the guy may be 27 or 30), too strangely dressed, too conservatively dressed, and weirdest of all to us – single eyelids, or double eyelids. Single eyelids are very Chinese whereas double eyelids, as we have, signify foreign blood …sometimes single is more desirable, sometimes double. I can’t work it out. But I’m not Chinese. And not a woman.

The list of rejections is too arbitrary. I feel really sorry for many of the guys.

Similarly, some of the women stay up there on offer for show after show, week after week and never get picked as favourite, but they hang in there. Some are just too weird themselves (the Monkey King woman! The corn woman). A few come across as too intelligent or mature and scare the guys away, but they hang in there. Nearly all the women have been without a partner for at least a year, often two years. Highly intelligent, highly educated women seem to have trouble finding partners in China.

Personally, I’d go for Ms Huang Han any time.


Darcey, Bill, Ern & Jack 001

Darcey, Bill, Ern and Jack (my Dad) Sydney city, c. 1934?

Nearly finished the WA Croft Family History Vol. 1, 1900-1949. I’m talking to my cousins in Sydney and Brisbane and learning many things that I was either hazy about or just didn’t know. Similarly, my Brisbane cousin didn’t know why we came back to WA in late 1949. Now he does.

The next volume will be from 1950 on. I’ve got hundreds of photos, more than I have of Sydney, so it should be interesting. I have pre-paid book vouchers which expire in early May, so I’ve got to get moving.

That means the model trains are taking a back seat for now.