And again!


This is an actual photo, not an illustration. This is the first time someone has been able to show light as both particle and wave at the same time. (We all know light sometimes acts as a wave and sometimes as particles, don’t we?)

ALWAYS check your receipt, right? They got me again. The same IGA where I’ve been stung so many times before – I made the mistake of not checking before I left and came home. Same story, item marked down on the edge of the shelf, but when it’s scanned, no price reduction.

Bloody hell! I cannot get through this store without there being a pricing error, and it’s always in their favour. So now I have to go back and complain again, despite having done so at least four times already. I think a letter to Consumer Affairs will be required.


I’m also upset this morning – I’ve just had two hours house cleaning done by a pair of ladies. As far as I’m concerned, their ad said $30 per hour. It did cross my mind to wonder if it was $30 each, but no, I was sure of what I saw and didn’t query it when they arrived. If they wanted to work together for $30 an hour, that’s fine, I thought.

So at the end I handed over $60 for the two hours. “Oh, no, it’s $30 per hour each.” Bloody hell!! $120 to get 2 hours cleaning done? NOT good value. I’d rather do it myself. I was left fuming, but as usual, I didn’t say anything. I think they could see I was a bit upset. I do need help with cleaning now, so I’ve booked them for an hour in two weeks’ time, and they’ve said they’ll do an hour each in succession, so I get one lady at a time for $30, so for two hours that’s $60. Weird. I’ll see how it goes.


Never over-estimate the intelligence of WA people. There are still people writing to The West Australian saying what a great guy Lee Kuan Yew was and how he cleaned up the hooligans in Singapore. It’s safe there because they’re all in jail, you see?

So what are you suggesting? That we immediately jail anyone who shows any anti-social tendencies? Don’t jails have a reputation as breeding grounds, training schools for violent criminals? They come out worse than they went in.

And so we invite a Lee Kuan Yew, a strong man as a dictator in this state or country? What about the parliament? What about the courts? Singapore’s courts do the bidding of the dictator of the day in Singapore. They suppress all opposition by bankrupting political opponents, so forcing them out of parliament. There is no effective political dissent allowed in Singapore.

So when our dictator has cleaned the place of hooligans and is jailing his political opponents, do we just say, “OK, thanks, that’s enough, you can go home now.” Dictators become dictators precisely because they crave power, they will do anything to hold on to their power, and they are ruthless in suppressing opposition. That was what Lee Kuan Yew was like! How would you get rid of your friendly dictator in WA once you’d put him in supreme power?

Don’t be so bloody stupid!


That stupid Labor politician in Queensland, didn’t disclose his criminal record and so looks like destroying the political balance over there.

What gets me is how pathetically incompetent the pre-selection people must be in his electorate. Didn’t anyone think to check his past before they pre-selected him? It’s happened before, here in WA in one of the Perth Liberal seats. Some local businessman was pre-selected as the Lib candidate, and only later did they discover he had criminal convictions. No-one thought to check.


Damn. Everyone knows that iiNet is brilliant at customer service. That’s why I signed up here, after years of bad experiences with other firms. And now that I have fibre past my house, I’m on the brink of signing up for that, too.

But now iiNet look like being bought out by TPG, and the word I keep reading in connection with TPG is “ruthless”. I’ve read bad reports before in the computer magazines, and that word is used a couple of times in an article in last Saturday’s Weekend Australian. They suggest that TPG ruthlessly cuts costs by ruthlessly cutting service.

So it was too good to last. I’m not going to stay with a company that is ruthless with its staff and customers. I may have to find another service provider yet again. It hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll wait until it does. The owner of TPG is a Malaysian billionaire. Optus is majority owned by the ruthless dictatorship of Singapore. The choice narrows down. I may have to go back to Telstra. Gasp!


I continue to be intrigued by SBS’s If You Are The One, the Chinese dating show on every night. And I continue to be pretty fed up with the pickiness of the women. Time after time, quite presentable and personable guys are completely rejected for the most trivial reasons – too skinny, too old, too short, too tall, don’t like red shoes, don’t like red pants with a red belt – the stupid reasons for rejection just keep coming.

But it’s not all one way. Two nights running, there have seemed to be perfect matches. One of the girls will make it abundantly clear that she’s fallen for the guy and wants him badly. They seem to be well matched. The audience sees it, Le Jia sees it, the host sees it.

But twice, the guy has chosen another girl. The first time, he insisted on sticking with his favourite even though she’d made it clear she didn’t want to go with him, so he walked away and the girl who badly wanted him was left disappointed.

Then last night, the guy chose one of the other girls and again left the other poor girl massively disappointed. I think he might have been frightened off by her enthusiasm. You could hear the sigh of disappointment from the audience. What a pity.

I often wonder about myself in that situation, of course. “Hi, my name’s Peter and I’m from Australia and I’m 68.”  Bong, bong, bong, bong, all the lights would turn red immediately. “But think about this girls, you wouldn’t have to work and you wouldn’t have to wait long to become a rich widow.” Heh heh.

But many of those girls are just stunningly beautiful. If I had to choose my favourite, or choose between half a dozen to get the final two, I doubt I’d be able to choose. I’d want three or four of them. Wow, they are stunners. Many would be too hard to handle, of course. There are a few who are really aggressive and domineering. Uh oh, stay away from those, no matter how nice they look. But the others … Wow.