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TVW 40th Anniversary 1999. Can you spot me? The funny costumes are because we were asked to come as our favourite TV character. I had bronchitis. I wanted to go as Cpl Klinger but I felt too sick.

Channel Seven Reunion today – 55 years since they (we) went on air in 1959 and as the organiser says, we’re starting to lose people. One of the prime movers is Ken McKay, who I used to work alongside in videotapes in the late 60s. He’s retired but runs a web site called WA TV History ( )

It’s fantastic to us veterans (uuurrrrgh) but it’s much more, as Ken is a single handed bulldozer campaigner in trying to preserve Perth’s history, not just TV. He finds an amazing range of historic photos and archival film. You don’t realise until you see the photos and read the articles just how much we’ve lost. Development has run rampant in Perth! It’s tragic. So much has been lost as a result of an almost complete dominance of developers over anyone who values the past. A favourite tactic has been to let old premises fall derelict to the point where they become eyesores, then say they have to be demolished. Or our old friend arson. Set fire to it, that’ll get rid of it. It happens time and time again, and they get away with it.

Anyway, read a few of Ken’s articles. You will be surprised.


I went into the city yesterday by train and was hoping to take some photos to compare with old shots. But the trees have grown up, completely obscuring the views. I can’t show the malls now, compared to 20 or even 10 years ago because all I see is leaves. It’s nice to have the trees, but frustrating.

What ridiculous “sculptures” they are in Forrest Place. Lime green thingummabob, giant boot and sock. Utter rubbish.


More pics – my Australia folder. All (except the map) are my shots.

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