Ya gotta larf

Bd05810_From a website selling Chinese made gadgets –


From the Manufacturer:
1.High resolution
1.Higustable contrast, wide viewing angle, the picture clear, bright colour
1.Higrared remote control
1.Higo Browse screening function, playback
1.Higge playback speed can be adjusted, the speed of image switching transitions can also be self-regulation
1.Higory card can be inserted, with background music

And the description of a camera bag:

The Lord of the bag is a pocket, the upper used the cotton rope of convergent way, plus a lid, the structure is simple. External vice bags and the ornament of fastener broke the appearance of drudgery, optional but not casually, fashion and brief. It makes the whole bag beautiful and easy, and never lose plain. This kind of bag is very suitable for photography lovers do for short trips, also can be used in the daily travel. The setting sun under the afterglow, carrying such a simple and plain bag, walked slowly, keep the memory of the way with a camera, taste life gently, it will make your journey warm and romantic.

Heh heh.


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