This is serious


PM Tony Abbott doesn’t like this. When he rode his bike under one of them, he got wet.

Despite High Emissions, New Coal Power Plants Planned in Germany...AACHEN, GERMANY - MAY 15:  Behind the open-pit coal mine Gartzweiler exhaust rises from cooling towers at the lignit coal-fired power stations Frimmersdorf, Neurath and Niederaussem May 15, 2007 near Aachen, Germany. The four German major energy providers Vattenfall, RWE, E.on and EnBW plan to invest more than 30 billion euros in construction and infrastructure of cole conducted power plants in Germany.  (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

He likes this. Why? Because coal and power companies are big donors to the Liberal Party!

The anagram of vile is evil. This vile Liberal government has gone too far. They are evil.

It’s become clear that the evidence of physical, sexual and mental abuse of detainees and sexual abuse of children at the Manus Island and Nauru “detention” (prison) camps has been known for more than a year, but the ministers for immigration (first Morrison, now Dutton) have remained silent and done nothing about it. This is covering up a crime, which is a crime in itself. How can anyone accept this?

The attacks on Professor Gillian Triggs, the Commissioner for Human Rights have reached new lows. She is doing no more than the law obliges her to do in reporting on these crimes. This vile government doesn’t like what she’s doing so they try to create a terrible public opinion of her, ably assisted by the “Liberal Party Daily”, The Australian with its attack dog columnists, to fool the gullible public. Unfortunately so much of the public is of such low intelligence and with little interest in affairs that they believe what they are being told. Professor Triggs has my full support and admiration.

Secondly, I can hardly believe that at a time when we are being warned almost daily that we are in a perilous situation with climate change (, such that even the Pope is sounding the alarm, this evil government is actively trying to discourage clean energy projects and promoting coal. It defies belief. The opinion of one man, our stupid PM, dictates a campaign to try to slow down or stop wind turbine power generators.

On the radio this morning it was pointed out that there has already been an inquiry (more than one!) into the health effects of wind farms. This has thrown up a list of 240 complaints! They range from changes in menstrual patterns to eyesight problems to sleeplessness to bloating to depression … make a list of any 240 complaints you like and you’ll probably find most match. It’s ludicrous.

There have been many studies done and at least four by reputable medical, health and scientific bodies have not found any credible evidence of adverse effects. Yet the PM rides his bike under one windmill on one day and says they make too much noise, and have other unspecified, unsupported by evidence, adverse effects. So now he wants to set up yet another commissioner to take complaints, purely with the objective of stopping wind farms. As a result, investment immediately ground to a halt and many people are probably going to lose their jobs. What a great result, Prime Minister! You bloody fool!

This slow witted, unintelligent person thinks that just repeating words makes them true. Listen to him talk: he constantly repeats two or three word phrases. He constantly repeats two or three word phrases. See, I just did it, so I must be smart. This man is a fool.

How anyone can say this government is doing a good job is beyond my understanding. These are just two or three of the vile, nasty things this government is doing, which have now progressed to be evil. Something must be done. Repeat: if you vote Liberal/National, you don’t care about your kids and grandchildren.

In my serious opinion, it’s too late. The process of degradation of the Earth’s biosphere has already gone beyond the point where it could have been prevented. If we make the effort, we can minimise the bad effects, and create new technologies and thousands of new industries and jobs in the process, but with Liberal/National governments in power, we are goners. All they care about is big business and their business mates. And all they care about is share price, salaries. bonuses and prestige. Money rules all, even to the death. It’s too late, people.



Still mulling about cars. Dammit, I found a web forum where people talk about their maintenance experiences with Mercedes and although the CL500 is considered pretty reliable (the engine is described as “bullet proof”), when things do go wrong, or just wear out, the replacement parts are very expensive. This is a US site, so the parts would be cheaper than here, but a new exhaust is US$1,400. The suspension air cylinders are about US$500 each, and so on. There are two spark plugs per cylinder so that makes 16 plugs. The ones for my car are $35 each so that would be $560 (here) for a new set. It makes one pause to think. I really, really want one of these cars. How much do I want it? I don’t know.

This one is in Brisbane. It’s a CL55 AMG, which means it has a 5.5L V8 which was hand assembled by the AMG people in Germany and has parts specially selected for performance. And longevity and reliability if you don’t thrash it, I hope. It also has a professionally fitted supercharger. Holy smokes, why?

It’s a 2003 model going for $40K. That’s less than the price of a boring Toyota Camry or similar. Bloody hell, this is hard.





What’s a supercharger? The more commonly known turbocharger is an impeller driven by the exhaust gases to force the fuel/air mixture into the chambers. Because it’s exhaust driven, ie after the mixture is burnt, it lags the throttle and can feel a little disconcerting. You step on the juice and nothing seems to happen, then it all happens at once.

A supercharger is also an impeller in the inlet manifold, but it’s belt driven from the engine, so there’s no lag in the power boost. Why isn’t it always used instead of turbochargers? Because the belt drive takes a small amount of power from the engine. But when you’ve got such big power output from a V8, that doesn’t matter.

Nonetheless, even makers with V12 engines use turbos, so why, I don’t know.


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