Age wearieth, age taketh away


It’s gone from the web – sold? I was too slow. See below.

I’m the same age as Joanna Lumley, 68. I heard her say it on TV the other night in the Trans Siberian Express program. But I’m better looking. She’s aged. Nice voice, nice person, but women lose their looks as they get older, men gain. Men improve with age. Fact. Just sayin’


Except that, boy I’m tired. Lots of sleeping. Can’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at first at night, so after lying there for an hour or more trying to get back to sleep, I get up, have a hot milk drink, go back to bed about 6am, sleep for an hour or two, then around midday, crash again. Cycle. Repeat. Just occasionally, I sleep a full night but I can’t work out why and how to make it happen again.


I thought I’d found my next car on Friday night. There’s a 2004 Mercedes CLK 55 AMG in Adelaide for $28,990. Very dark-blue metallic, 95,000Km. Crikey, it seemed to tick all the boxes. Quite a low price. I was almost ready to phone and place a deposit.

But closer examination makes me think it’s a 2003 model, not a 2004. The odometer shows 98,000Km when they advertise 95,000Km. Why? The radio/sat-nav console looks different to other 2004 models. There’s no engine start/stop button on the gear shift lever. The grille has only three slats versus four for other models. Lots of doubtful things, in other words. Bugger. It looked good for a while. Back to the grindstone.

Why do I need a 5.5L AMG V8? It’s the same price as a lesser engined car. AMG is a Mercedes offshoot which hand builds and tunes the engines before they’re installed in the car – what we used to call blue-printing. Making sure everything fits to the precise tolerances. In my opinion, this should make the engine run smoother and last longer.

They also make small changes to the suspension and exhaust, again making for more power and smoother running. I’m convinced. Besides, that badge on the back!!


Not this one, although this is top shelf. I really should buy this one. It’s in Melbourne.



You’re probably getting tired of my tirades about climate change politics, but just read the article by Mike Seccombe in The Saturday Paper this weekend:

I am an on-line paid subscriber, by the way, and I drive to Quinns Newsagency every Saturday morning and pay my $3.50 for the paper version – I recommend it.

This article clearly sets out the blatant lies put forward by the climate change/anti-renewables deniers such as PM Lord Rabbott and Alan Jones, “Shock Jock”. They are just liars!

The economics have become clear: it is now cheaper to derive electricity from wind (wind turbines) and solar than from coal. So much for our prime minister! So much for the idiots in this country who have chosen him to be the leader. If he can’t understand this simple stuff, what chance does he have with the hard stuff. Answer: he doesn’t cope with the hard stuff. All he does is repeat three or four word slogans, ad nauseum.

The science is clear, the economics is clear – there’s no argument left. only stone age Liberal politicians and the stupid people who vote for them.