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Our PM loves these because they pay his party big donations

Climate change a security risk second only to terrorism, says defence report

Defence white paper consultation report flags consequences of environmental pressures as a significant security risk for Australia

The Abbott government’s energy white paper made headlines for its curious reluctance to mention climate change – but the looming defence white paper may prove to be a different story.  [The Guardian Wednesday 1 July 2015]

Prime Minister Abbott, the “climate change is crap” denialist, must be now regarded as a security risk. If he tries to stymie efforts to mitigate environmental damage and rising CO2 emissions, as he is doing, then he is as much a risk to this country, and your children and grandchildren, as any terrorist.

If you vote Liberal-National party, you don’t care about your kids or grandkids. It’s a fact.

NB: In Western Australia we have just had the warmest June on record! We were also well below our rainfall average for the month. It’s noticeable – it’s not theoretical. There’s no wind. WA used to be notable for the constant wind. It’s gone. In some ways this is good but not if the rain’s gone too. But, no need to worry, climate change is crap, isn’t it Tones?


KA_Parkes_RTA new report warns that we must make much greater efforts to identify asteroids in space which are on a trajectory to collide with Earth in the future. This has happened many times in the past, the most recent being Tunguska, Siberia in 1902, and have resulted in mass extinctions.

To make serious searches possible, we will have to devote greater resources to radio telescopes such as the CSIRO Parkes telescope in NSW. But this evil government has set about cutting thousands of jobs for scientists in the CSIRO, crippling its efforts in all fields.

I have it on reliable authority that our wonderful PM, The Lord Sir Tony Rabbott VD CV ASO CD DVD VC and 13 bars, doesn’t like radio telescopes because they are too noisy and look awful. Aren’t we lucky to have such a first class idiot as our prime minister?