This can’t go on – we must organise

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Photo: SBS

From GetUp:

It’s an absolute horror story.

On Friday evening the Turnbull government chartered a plane and sent Abyan* – a raped, pregnant 23 year old refugee – back to Nauru, without receiving medical care.1

Here’s what happened:

  • Abyan came to Australia seeking safety, but instead the government sent her to Nauru, where 14 weeks ago she was raped, an attack that resulted in pregnancy. Abortion is illegal on Nauru, so Abyan begged to come to Australia to receive care, including a terminaton of the pregnancy.2
  • Last week the government responded to enormous public outcry on behalf of Abyan, and brought her to Australia for medical treatment. But once here, this 23 year old woman was denied access to a counsellor to talk her through the procedure.3
  • Instead, she was flown in secret back to Nauru, avoiding legal action on her behalf; still pregnant, and without having been given the medical treatment she needs.4

Instead of providing Abyan with appropriate medical care, the Turnbull government forcibly returned her to Nauru. For Abyan, this is abuse heaped upon abuse – rather than giving her basic human respect, our country has turned her away.

This is an utter affront to human decency. This is not my government, not my country. I am ashamed of the way this government is behaving. I protest!

We must start organising. We must show our rejection of this thuggish and inhumane behaviour. Email Dutton and tell him he’s gone too far. I have, cc’d to bloody Turnbull.


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