Pemaron day 2



We’re looking after a dog similar to this. He’s young, named Bobby. He got up onto the table and stole the butter this morning. Bad dog!!

A quiet day today, Saturday. I awoke at about 1am last night feeling very hot, hot skinned, not so much hot and sweaty. So I got up and sat outside for a while in the very light rain – very light – and watched the distant lightning. Beautiful. There had been a small windy period earlier, but nothing much.

Then the “cool room” lured me. I’ve set this laptop up in one of the spare bedrooms that has an air conditioner, and I have it set to about 23°C, quite a chill when you first walk in but aaaah, nice. Unfortunately I stayed reading the papers etc until 4am. I shouldn’t do that, but … Then I had to sleep after lunch and that was two hours. Not good.

We went shopping down the road at about 7pm. Veronika drives, and she’s braver than I am a lot of the time. My vision is a bit off even in daylight, but at night much was blurred. I may try to get new glasses made here. Again, maybe not, when I can get the full HBF rebate at home.

Then we had dinner at a small warung where Veronika has got to know the owner/cook. I complimented her on her English, and she said she’s learned it from her customers, and used the word autodidact! That’s a word not even native English speakers use very often. The food was very nice. The bill for two people, three courses, three lime juices and a big Bintang – $18. Good value!

Then back “home” unscathed and bed, thank goodness.


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