Bali, Sanur, day 11

Bali smoke paddy sun W185b

Near Kuta in 1983. It’s now nothing but buildings. Sic transit. (C) PJ Croft 2016

Another fine day in paradise. It’s very noticeable that the humidity is a bit lower and there’s no rain: it’s definitely the dry season. I like it, but being from boring old Perth, I like the variety and excitement of the daily changes in the rainy season. Strokes for folks.


We’re in Sanur, at the Astana Pengembak hotel. It’s OK without being special. I’m about to have an after brekky swim, or Schwim as I’ve taken to calling it đŸ™‚


The pool is heavily shaded, which means it stays cool to almost cold, which we like. I must say that although they say they take no responsibility for any injuries while using the pool, if they leave a ladder loose in the tiles and creaking and groaning as you use it, if it came loose I would complain very loudly. The trouble with Indonesia is that things don’t get fixed.


The room does not look like this. Disappointing.


Anyway, moving out day is Wednesday and we’ve been trying to find another hotel until my departure date on 8 May. A couple of hopefuls turned out disappointing – yesterday we went to look at the Respati Beach Resort. At first, it looked fantastic, a room right by the pool with a view through the restaurant to the beach. I was enthused. But the aircon didn’t work, and when we asked if it could be fixed by next Wednesday, all we got was a shrug and a polite suggestion that probably no. We could perhaps have had another room, but it would have been upstairs, no lift, and was not available for our full two weeks. So we asked about a bungalow. The price they quoted was way above the price, and even way above their own web site price. Huh? But the only suggestion was to come back next day when the manager was there. Sorry, Respati, you lost us.

So after a fair bit of searching, trying to accommodate each others’ likes and dislikes, we’ve finally found and booked what looks like a beautiful hotel, the Artotel, near Semawang Beach where we were last Wednesday. We both love the idea of being right near that beach with a very nice restaurant right there on the beach. The hotel looks very new, has a lift and a rooftop infinity pool. Wow. The rooms are all done in earthy tones, but with one wall above the bed painted in an art theme. We’re enthused and have booked. What a relief, to finally have certainty of where we’ll be.


So now to think of some things to do in the next two weeks. Um, er, gee, duh, what to do in Bali??? Hah!

Sanur boat dawn R1

Gunung Agung from Sanur Beach, dry season 1986. Maybe I could get some more shots like this?  (C) PJ Croft 2016

One thing is to get a boat or ferry across to the islands nearby: Lembongan, Nusa Peneeda, Lombok (a bit far), or the Gilis. Probably a bit ambitious, but just being out on the water excites us both.


I forgot to mention last week that I continue to lose weight. It’s different scales, but I measured at least one less kilogram last week. I think one key to it is having a good slow digesting breakfast that sees us through the afternoon, not needing lunch, then a relatively early evening meal. Only two meals a day instead of three. I can do that with my Byetta, which suppresses my appetite. Bagus!

Since I’m returning to Perth sooner than expected (within my 30 day visa), I’ve emailed the gastric surgeon to ask for an earlier appointment. I’m not sure when it will be.


Barnett kecil

Ha ha ha. Premier Barnett, little man, you’re coming up for election soon. Prepare to lose. Picture ABC News

The comments by federal immigration minister Peter Dutton are offensive and disgusting, as usual. He says refugees and immigrants are illiterate and will take jobs from Australians or be dole bludgers. He is just plain wrong, but he doesn’t care. He’s a Liberal – Liberals can say anything, tell any lie, make up any fabrication, break any commitment, many of them are psychopaths. This creature is especially despicable. To me, he is loathsome!


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