Ex Box

Sanur Shanti beach

Sanur, Shanti Beach   (C) PJ Croft 2017

Nope. Now that I’ve read up on the Microsoft X-Box One S that I thought might act as my HDD video tuner recorder, I realise it doesn’t come close. It has no tuner(s) and no capacity for off-the-air TV. It’s definitely the cheapest way to buy a 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray player, but I want more than that. Scotch that idea.


Aaaah, nice drop of rain today. Not heavy, but 2-3 hours of steady drizzle this morning, and it’s still spitting now. More please.


My sedatives didn’t work last night, dammit. Asleep OK at 11pm, but woke at 12.30am and that was the last sleep I got. I think I must have dozed a bit as I seem to remember dreams, but I felt awful this morning and have had to sleep again during today. That’ll muck it up for tonight. This is awful, a real problem. I’m wide awake now at 6.45pm, but it may mean I don’t sleep again tonight. Grrr.


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