Nice gesture


V has a Balinese friend, Fetty, who is very intelligent and has a degree in IT. She’s married to an Austrian guy, hence the connection.

Fetty (I like that name) doesn’t work in IT, preferring cooking. I’ve been to their place a couple of times and sampled her food. Nice!

Today, being Eid ul Fitre (however you spell it), she has delivered the above box of home cooked food, for me! She motorbiked it over, I didn’t even see her. But how nice. She must think I need fattening up.


The poor screaming dog is at it again, from the farm over the fence. It’s distressing to hear it all the time and be unable to see it or do anything. We asked Putuh, our security guy here, if he could find out anything, but I doubt he’ll do anything. Shrug ‘o the shoulders.

[15 mins later: Putuh has just walked past as the dog is screaming. I say, “Oh, this is awful. Can’t you do something?” He just says “Dog in cage. Cannot do anything.” Shrug.]


Grrrr! I bought a new OnePlus 3T phone and have used it to shoot some nice pictures and especially nice looking HD video.

But when I connect it to the laptop, it appears as a device, but when I double click to open it, there are no files or folders to be seen. Bloody hell.

I’ve downloaded the OnePlus USB driver and installed it, restarted, and it made no difference. Why should it be so difficult???!!!

[STOP PRESS: found it. You have to select on the phone between charging and file transfers. Now I’ve got my pics and video. OK, OK.]


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