Some pics from Ubud to Sanur

_1030186 - Copy

This is Putuh, daughter of Kadek, the pembantu or cleaning lady.

Better today. Not the big loss I thought yesterday. But a dose of the back-door-trots to keep me confined to my room.


I was really worried last night as my ulcerated left leg had swollen to twice its usual big size (I have a bad vein, leading to pooling of the blood). I thought it might be a repeat of the problem I had last trip when my right leg got infected, requiring i/v antibiotic at BIMC, at a huge cost, nearly $600 I think.

No, after a good sleep with my leg up on a pillow, it was back to its usual slim, shapely, svelte size this morning. 🙂


While I remember, I’ve been meaning to mention that service stations sell LPG, of course. Guess what it’s called? Elpiji, of course. How logical.

They also sell nitrogen gas for your tyres. You pay Rp10,000 (A$1) for a fill. I can’t do this at home, afaik.


This morning I tried to check my Air Asia flight home on Sunday, only to find it is not listed on the Manage My Bookings web page. Grrr.

So I’ve just spent quite a long time in Web Chat with Nisa, and she assured me it has been recorded and would appear. Does it? It does not, an hour later.

OK, I’ve got my original printout of the booking from when I made it six weeks ago, so I should be OK, but …


Now for a lot of pictures taken during the drive from Ubud to Sanur yesterday. Most of these were shot from the moving car. The camera chooses a shutter speed up around 1/1200sec or faster, so little or no camera shake. I also shot some 4K video outside the car window, nice and clear, but I can’t show it yet. All these shots have been edited, cropped, adjusted for rotation and exposure.

_1030206 - Copy

Lake Bratan, near Bedugul

_1030207 - Copy

Closer view of the village. Can’t find the name.

_1030200 - Copy

Watering the bat. See him hanging there?

_1030202 - Copy

Same shop, bats and an iguana. The sign says, “Don,t be photographer from the top of the car” (sic)

_1030214 - Copy

Hallo sir, where are you from, you buy T shirt?

_1030216 - Copy

Genuine authentic Indonesian boomerangs.

_1030218 - Copy

No caption needed.

_1030212 - Copy

Waiting for business.

_1030210 - Copy


Looking SE, Gunung Agung at left in the clouds. The buildings at right are an abandoned half completed hotel.


The blue shed.


Traditional Bali


Stocking the shop.

That’s all for now. Bit cloudy today, nice and cool. I’m going to walk about 800m to a restaurant on Semawang beach, the Stiff Chili. Yum. Meeting my love again. Nearly lost her. We’ll be OK.