I am well known among my few friends for being sympathetic to refugees.

To my ‘friends’, they are illegals. I get comments such as “Where do they get the money for their fares?”, “Why don’t they join the queue?”, “Why can’t they go through the proper channels like other [implying white European] immigrants?” Don’t I, Normie and Garry and Pete?

Those who defend them are “blood sucking lawyers” who are paid from the taxpayer.  Aren’t they, Norm?

Northam is to become a luxury hotel for refugees while our army troops have to put up with sub-standard accommodation. Isn’t it, Pete?

“Will we be allowed to shoot ’em if they come over the fence?” was one Northam resident’s question.

I am sickened by the xenophobia, the racism, the hatred, the “boongs and abos and coons”, aren’t I Garry?

Just now, I’ve been re-reading the story of Kim Phuc, the 9yo girl who was napalmed during the Vietnam war and was caught in abject fear and pain and terror in that famous photo by Nick Ut.

Thanks to some good people (non-haters) she got medical treatment and married a Vietnamese guy. For complicated reasons they went to Moscow and:

On the return trip to Havana the plane made a fuel stop in Gander, Newfoundland. On the spur of the moment they found a Customs officer and decided to defect. They managed to resettle in Canada, near Toronto. 


And she recovered her life and is still around and beautiful.

The point is, she defected on the spur of the moment to a sympathetic country. There is no difference between Afghan and Iraqi refugees needing to defect and this woman’s case.

Stop your racism!

Apologies for all the italics below the line – Blogger will not let me go back to normal case after I pasted the quote.


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