A Bad Day


The above represents where I feel my head is at the moment. No, not that bad, but pretty tense.

My move seemed easy. I had it all planned in my mind. But once again, I’ve fallen into the trap of “assuming” that something is true. In this case that freehold means freehold, free of hidden charges. It turns out there are “deferred management fees” which accumulate until you move out, either in a box or in an ambulance. If I’m in a box, I don’t care, do I? But it affects the residual value of the property for bank purposes – i.e. reverse mortgage. Maybe I’m worrying too much, but I’m on edge again now. I’m committed to moving – too late now. Hmmm, I hear you can buy cheap villas in Bali?


So nice to be cool! Changes my whole attitude. More energy. A web site made a big splash today about how the weather has changed. But all the article was about the eastern states – WA didn’t rate a mention. I had a rant in the comments section. The ABC is one of the worst offenders. We don’t rate in their articles.

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