Phew! Tired, but getting there.

Phew! Energy fadeout at times today. The amazing recuperative powers of sleep.

I’m watching a fascinating thing at the moment. I put Minnie’s piece of meat (lamb neck slice) out at 5pm as usual, but she’s off her food and doesn’t want it. But the birds do! It was the butcher birds first, appropriately, three of them, mum, dad and baby I suspect. They tore at it and managed to get quite a meal out of it, but it’s too big for them.

But now the big black crows have found it and I think they’ve carried it away. Too late Minnie. This is the first time this has happened. Now the almond tree is filled with 28s squawking away loudly, being drowned out by the butcher birds with their incredibly loud full song. It’s nice.


I found today that I wasted $69.95 a few weeks ago when I bought the pair of compression stockings. Grrrr!

I was put onto the local distributor, a former nurse, who operates out of a house in Warwick. She’s the wholesaler. When I showed her what I’d bought at Ocean Reef pharmacy, the only pair I was offered, she was horrified. They were far too small – no wonder I had trouble. No-one at the pharmacy took any interest in my leg measurements – they only had one pair and that’s all I was offered. The distributor is going to give them a rocket, I think, and so she should. I’ve still got scars from the cuts into my skin they inflicted.


The move to storage continues. Geoffrey gave me a hand on Saturday and Monday and we got two loads done, so that’s five car loads of boxes so far. I’m making a dent in it, but there’s a fair bit still to pack and move. Tough going for me. I need to sleep to recuperate after each load. The deadline is 21 February. It seems far off, but it’ll creep up on me.


I need to vacate even from my temporary accommodation in mid March for 10 days. I don’t mind too much, but Minnie is the problem.

Amazingly, a possible solution has shown itself at just the right time. There’s a ship cruise leaving from Fremantle on 9 March, going to Bangkok, Ho Ch Minh City and KL, then Singapore. I aim to be on it. An email enquiry – “we’ll get back to you within one business day!” – has gone unanswered, so tomorrow I’ll have to phone.

The unknown factor is my leg. It looked really good this morning – no breaks in the skin at all. But I need to know if it can be fixed before 9 March, or if it’s safe to travel. An email to the surgeon’s office has also gone unanswered.


I saw through a prospective house on Saturday and I love it! I can easily visualise myself in that house. It’s ideal. We just need to persuade the present owners to sell at a reasonable price.

But as Plan B, I’m also looking at another retirement village. The prices are much lower than St Ives Kallaroo, so it would leave more funds to live on. But it still cuts me out of a reverse mortgage. which is bad news. When my funds run out, all I have left is the Age pension. You can live on it, but it’s not much fun. And there are still “terms and conditions”. I don’t like it very much.

Anything else in my price range is definitely second class to my first choice. I would be accepting “down-market”. I wouldn’t be happy.