Minding my own business!

Wot a day! I’m knackered at 7.30pm. I’ll sleep well tonight.

First, I packed a car load of boxes of my stuff and went to Osborne Park where I booked a storage unit, 27 m3, for a month. Trouble was, by the time I’d been through the booking process, I’d run out of time, and then I couldn’t find the unit, so I had to come home. I had a doctor appointment at 3pm and that took priority.

That showed why I had been feeling as if my leg had flies crawling under the bandage – I sorta did. My leg has ulcerated again and it was crawling with maggots!

It sounds bad, but I’m not shocked. We know, now, that these little critters are quite clean and good for us. They eat dead flesh, so keep the wound clean. The nurse and doctor didn’t like it much, though. It’s all cleaned up and re-bandaged, so we’ll keep the antibiotic going and hope it improves. It’s a bit painful, but not too bad.

I’m afraid it means Silver Chain and pressure bandaging twice a week again, though, indefinitely.