I’m a sucker


I’m always a sucker for a dog, and this is nice. It’s a web picture, in Seattle I think. Minnie’s behaviour has changed in the last month or two. She always wanted to be outside before, but now she wants to be inside most of the time, often under the table. She seems happy enough. I’m not sure why she’s become so clingy.

Keith has been here and we’ve been packing up the workshop. The lounge is now stacked with boxes ready to move. It’s not such a huge job – just hot work.

I mentioned my move at the Rugby Club on Friday night and one of the good guys said, “Just let us know when you’re ready and I’ll organise the guys with trailers and we’ll have you moved in no time flat.” That’s fantastic. I’ve been a member there for 12 years now – one of the long-timers. They don’t want to lose members, and this is one of the benefits. Nice.


Uuurggggh, I’m having to wear compression stockings now. Deb, the Silver Chain nurse, put them on for me on her last visit (and I mean final visit) on Thursday and she really struggled. They are tight! I hate it. It feels like wearing tourniquets just below the knee. They are meant to stay on, but I don’t think I can bear it. They are so tight I can’t get them off myself unless I took the scissors to them and cut them off. But at $69.95 for the pair … I have to be very careful not to break the skin with fingernails, too.

I’m having a deep vein ultrasound on Monday so I’ll try to bear them until then, but I don’t want them back on if they remove them. I can imagine the feeling – the blood is going to rush to refill the tissues and it will itch and hurt, I reckon.