Another busy day


First, here’s the butcher bird from yesterday,

wondering how he’s going to swallow that

lump of meat. The crows got it eventually.


Well, I made an offer on the Butler house today. I’m very, very comfortable about it. Excited, in fact. If I get it, it will be the absolute best house I have ever lived in, in 66 years. It’s only 3 years old, so there’s nothing I need to do. I can easily envisage enjoying that house. I’m tired, absolutely fed up, in fact, with living in poor quality houses (or flats) that “need work”. Enough! I can’t do it any more and I don’t want to. This is a new house that is fully modern and I’d be proud to have visitors.


I took another load to the storage unit today, and I’m now at the stage of picking up the bits and pieces, all the silly detritus that hardly needs boxing.


That’s 6 car loads worth. Doesn’t look much, does it? It occupies about 1/4 of the unit, I’d guess. I’ve tried to put the lighter stuff on top, but I hate to think what’s at the bottom of the pile.

Luckily my load wasn’t too heavy today, because I forgot to take the trolley with me. That meant each box had to be lugged in. Phew! This is all good for me, of course, good for the heart. Cardio exercise.