Throwing in the stocking

I gave in. I awoke at about 4 o’clock this morning for a pee, but with shooting pains in my right foot from the tight stocking. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep and I had to take a couple of Panadiene Extra. I stuck with it most of the day but gave up about 4.30pm and peeled it off. Only the right leg – and that’s the good leg. The bad leg seems OK, so that’s still compressed. I have the deep vein ultrasound tomorrow so that’ll show something or other.


I’ve been working out how to get to the Rugby Klub and home again when I live in Kallaroo. Getting there by bus is feasible – two changes of bus and a bit of walking, taking about 45 mins. But getting home again around 7.00 – 7.30pm would be very difficult. It would take an hour and a half and involve changing buses and waiting at train stations. On a Friday night? You’re kidding. No way. Looks like taxis if I wanted to go. Expensive.


Why am I buying into a retirement village when I could buy a luxury apartment overlooking Geographe Bay? In yesterday’s West it showed a group of villas/apartments in the east end of Busselton that were originally marketed at over $1m each, but couldn’t be sold. They’re now selling for half price, about $500,000. That’s my price range. That’s a long way to drive to the Rugby Klub, but it would be fascinating to see what you get. It’s Westpac’s loss – they’ve put the group into receivership. My heart bleeds.


I found an inflation calculator on the Reserve Bank web site (I visit this web site all the time, don’t you?) My purchase of this house in 1986 for $68,000 is equivalent to $157,000 today, so I’ve more than quadrupled my investment in real terms. I’m happy with that. Surprisingly, the average inflation since 1986 has only been 3.4%. I’m surprised, but they’re the experts.