In that vein …


Scotland  © PJ Croft 2013

Ain’t that peaceful? © P.J.Croft 2012  That’s Stromeferry, Scotland. Nice and cool. It felt like Bali in wet season here yesterday  morning.

I had the leg vein ultrasound yesterday and it was easy – much easier than the one I had in September. I didn’t even have to lie down – it was done with me sitting on the bed and standing. The result was, yes, she could see a vein that would be causing the problem, letting blood pool low down making my left leg swell. I have another examination on Friday (why? I dunno) and see the surgeon next week, so I hope for a fix. They had to peel the remaining stocking off, so I’m blessedly free at this moment. I’ll investigate a “putter onner” to see if I could wear them again. There’s no way I can get them on now without assistance.

Best thing about yesterday? Parking right outside the door of the clinic! Easy for once. That SJOG area around McCourt St is a nightmare, but this was further west.


Gloom – Barry has investigated the retirement village and it’s much more complicated than I thought. Freehold doesn’t mean freehold. There are hefty ongoing management fees. They are out to extract all they can from vulnerable aged people who may not be prepared or able to comprehend all the legalities. That’s me – it’s tempting to just say yes, but the fee structure has hidden traps. Thank goodness Barry is helping me.

It means I may have to rethink where I’m going, and with having to move out of this house in about a month, suddenly stress levels have risen again.



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