Woe is me


Slow, sluggish and defensive. How I feel.

Not a good day. A rotten day, in fact. I’m tired, I’m dispirited, I’m sad, I feel sick. And my left leg is even more swollen than it normally is, like the right leg was when I had the infection last trip. I feel a bit feverish and my nose is running like a tap.

And I’m alone. I tried my damndest.


We stayed at a hotel in Ubud last night, the LadyBamboo off Jalan Kajeng. V had previously booked it but couldn’t use it, and had to use up the credit by tomorrow.

It was pathetic. This is supposed to be an upmarket hotel and the Garden Suite room for US$100 (AU$130) looked large and luxurious in the web photo. But we were given a small, narrow room dominated by the bed, with no garden view that we could see, except if you left the door open. Even for this price, breakfast was not included.

We protested and moved to the room next door, which was bigger, but still much the same. Not like the web photo.

It had high windows that we couldn’t close unless we climbed and stood on the bed. It got cold last night, but the cold air poured through these windows down onto the bed. I was cold! The view through the windows over the bed was of a concrete brick wall. Terrific.

The floor was dirty. There was a drinking water jug but it had an insect in the water! Otherwise there was no bottled drinking water. Lucky we brought our own.

The toilet had no toilet roll holder, just a half roll sitting on the cistern. I got up during the night and tried to use it in the dark and was nearly panicking when I couldn’t find the roll by feel.

The towel had very suspicious looking stains. They were thin and old. The hot water took so long coming that I was finished my shower before it came.

So all in all, this hotel was crap. Not recommended. We seemed to be the only guests. I wonder why.


By contrast, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby (in Bali, yeah) that was excellent. It had a really comprehensive menu and the service was top class. The tables were arranged around a central pond with fish and frogs and water lillies and bullrushes.

The food was excellent. I chose to have a Balinese pizza, which wasn’t so good – too much onion and too messy/wet for me. I could only eat about 1/3 of it. Didn’t even want a doggy bag.

It wasn’t cheap – the total bill, including a $50 bottle of Argentinean Chardonnay, came to about $130. Ouch!


Then our transport driver, a guy I’ve used before, failed to arrive at 1200 checkout time as arranged. When I phoned him again, he was still in Sanur! He could be there in an hour, he said. No mate, you’ve lost the job. We got a local driver through the hotel, and he was good. We got back to Sanur around 3pm.

The traffic in Ubud is just paralytic. The roads are clogged, hardly moving at times. It’s bad, but impossible to change, unless they banned cars and just allowed small electric vehicles, possibly.

We missed President Obama by one day. He left on Wednesday. A few days ago I dreamed that I shook his hand and said, “It’s an honour.” He looked at me and said “Thanks”. Vivid dream.


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