Look what came up

Mazda MX-6

Dammit, I’ve wanted one of these for years, and one has come up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The MX-6 in this shape was produced from 1991 to 1997. Unfortunately this is a 1992 model, but it looks to be in great condition. It’s done 194,000Km. Price? $2,000.

The same chassis and engine was used to produce the Ford Probe, the US version that I’ve also lusted after. Ford owned a chunk of Mazda at the time.

Ford Probe, based on Mazda MX-6

At first I was sure I’d buy the Mazda, but then reality set in. I’ve got to get rid of the Honda first. I enquired on it but decided against it.

But I can’t let it go! At that price, it’s affordable. I think I’ll phone the guy this evening and arrange to see it asap. More pics:

Such good condition! And rare in Perth.

STOP PRESS: Damn, thought I’d better check the field and there’s a much better one, a 1996 model with only 102,000Km in Footscray, Melbourne, admittedly for $6,500 but… And it’s in the dark bottle green that I like so much. Tempting!

PPS: this one (the red one above) has sold, but I’ve bought this blue-green 1996 model in Melbourne.

I wanted to fly over and drive it back, but considering it’s mid-summer, possibly smokey and a bit hazardous, and weighing up the costs, it’s easier, safer, and a bit cheaper to get it trucked over here, so I’ll be doing that. It costs $1300, door to door.

?????????!!!????????? Then there’s this one:

Lexus SC400 Soarer

A 1992 Lexus Soarer with 159,000Km. Also $6,500 and in Perth. It’s a 4 litre V8 turbo coupe with Lexus build quality and reliability. It looks to be in superb condition. But the colour! Dull. I’d love to own it, though. I want them both, the Melbourne MX-6 and this.

PPPS: no, the Lexus doesn’t have the flair and style I want. I’ve decided I’ll sell both the Honda and the Verada, have just the MX-6 for a while, and possibly later buy a 2005 Honda Odyssey for touring. Hah.


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