Uh oh.

Damn, blast, bugger. The deal’s off.

When I got the guy to send the licence papers for the MX-6, the VIN and so on, he definitely provided them, but it showed that the car is a 1995 model, not a 1996 as advertised. It’s even a February ’95 build, first purchased in July ’95. As well, the valuation guide shows that these models are worth $4,500 to $5,500. I thought $6,000 looked OK for a car of such low kms and in what seemed immaculate condition, so I didn’t quibble about the price.

But yesterday and today, the truth started coming out and I got a bit upset. I asked advice from Barry and he said he’s most worried about the dings in the bumpers, and if it’s been on the market for three months, if it’s so good, why have other potential buyers let it go?

So having thought about it, I called the deal off and asked for my money back. The guy agreed without rancour, so I expect to see it tomorrow. I hope.

The other point is that the price was not just $6,000, it was $7,300 with the trucking fee and luckily I hadn’t booked or committed to that.

So, what a bugger. I was looking forward to driving it. But I have other ideas and may buy something else (selling the Honda and possibly the Verada), while I keep looking for another MX-6.

Postscript: I’ve found another one – same specs, 1995, auto, 4WS, 158,000Km, a couple of suburbs away in Perth. $1,000 lower in price, and I won’t have to pay $1300 to have it relocated. My only complaint is that it’s bright red, Ferrari red. Most guys would like that, but I prefer the darker colours, especially that deep sea green. I wonder if the owner has had it repainted as it doesn’t look like an original colour.

Anyway, I’m going to see it on Sunday and I’ll be a bit more careful this time. RAC inspection.

My money has not come back from Melbourne so far. I texted the guy this morning and he phoned me back to assure me it would be done in the next two hours, as he’s busy with work. Nothing so far……..

PS Friday morning, still no money has appeared. I hope he’s not going to cause trouble. He said he had posted me the licence papers and the vehicle transfer form last week, by snail mail that is, so if he is going to play games, then I am the legal owner of that car and with the licence papers in my possession, I could cause him grief as well. Let’s hope it never comes to that.


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