Bunker bunkum day 31

National Geographic Traveler photo contest

Take it easy, eh? Hoo roo.    Photographer unknown.

What did you do today? Same as yesterday? Yeah, me too. What are you doing tomorrow? Yeah, me too. Sama sama.

My partner and I agreed this morning, we are sooooo lucky. We have no problems compared to others. No mortgage, no rent, no job to lose, no kids to teach or pacify, no worry about putting food on the table and wine in the fridge, a pension to buy the food. Everything I could wish for in the house and kitchen. And great places to live, so safe compared to other places in the world.

On that topic, I’ve been contacted on SmashedFace a few times by a bloke in Bali who messaged me a few times when I was posting photos in the Lost Bali Group. I’ve never met him, I don’t know him, we’ve never corresponded before.

But he says his income has dried up with the loss of tourists in Bali and no income, no food on the table in the absence of any social security in Indonesia. Could I send him some money?

Aaaaggh, it tugs at my heart strings. But I don’t even know him. Never met him. He could be a rupiah billionaire for all I know (no, I don’t believe that; anyway, being a billionaire in rupiahs is not that hard).

Well, yesterday he messaged me again with a link. Daringly, I clicked on it and, clever guy, he’s set up a GoFundMe page where you can make donations, anonymously if you like. It’s here: GoFundMe page if you would like to help him. He has a photo of what I assume is his family. I did make a donation, anonymously. It occurs to me that I bought four magazines a few days ago totalling $45 and all but one will be discarded. I think I should help out. But I made myself anonymous.

Another way to help is: https://www.ticbali.net/bali-care-packages.html  Do you have to buy for someone specific or can you ask them to direct a package where they see a need? I don’t know.

All I know is that I am so rich compared to them. I do know real people in Bali and maybe I should see if they need help too.


I’ve been doing odd jobs today, which included trying to resurrect two hard drives to see what’s on them. But no luck, two 2Terabyte drives, dead! A Terabyte is 1,000 Megabytes. I can remember paying over $400 for a 40MB drive in the 1990s.

With one of them I tried the technical tap – I bashed it on the table. Did it help? Not the drive, but it made me feel a bit better 🙂


It did make me realise just how much data I’ve got. I have thousands of images, thousands of video files, thousands of music tracks, thousands of DVDs on hard drives. More than I could watch in six months of lockdown. Not to mention all the TV programs I’ve got stored up on my DVD/HD recorder attached to the TV. It’s crazy. I’ve got whole series stored up waiting for that far distant day when I can tear myself away from browsing and writing on this PC.


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