Bunker bulldust day 34


Coles Butler this afternoon. Busy, eh?


I’ve just come back from the medical centre, seeing my GP. You have to wait outside where a nurse takes your temperature (36.5dg, “perfect”; yes I knooow!) then sit on a chair 2m apart out on the verandah. I got rained on a little bit, but that was OK as the sun burst through and it was hot sun.

Then the doctor opens the door and calls you in. He was wearing a mask but no gloves, but he used hand sanitiser.

I asked if they’d had any cases of the virus at the med centre. He said one woman had it, but she’d phoned first and then gone to a testing station. He said he dreads the thought of any patient with the infection being in the medical centre because if that happens, they would have to close down for two weeks. And if any doctor gets it, same thing, close down for two weeks. This would be a serious loss of income, apart from anything else. He didn’t say that, that’s my thought.

Anyway, my fears about my problems were allayed, so that’s good.


Then I went to Coles and noticed a rough looking guy outside on the paved area with bags arrayed around him, homeless. I walked past on the way in, but coming out I felt sorry for him and gave him a tenner, more than I would usually hand out but I’d just spent money on stuff I probably don’t need, so…

But he hardly thanked me, because he was busy looking across the intersection and said he could see his “missus” at the liquor store. Apparently she’s forced him out of the house and he’s hopping mad. He’s living on the street. She’s told him she doesn’t have any money but he sees her buying liquor. Uh oh, he wanted to keep talking but I edged away from that one. Good luck to him.


My neighbour asked me to clear some of the vegetation from our common boundary this morning. I must admit, I’d let it get a bit tall as I find things a bit hard these days.

Anyway, I tackled it and I’ve realised what the Water Corp means now about me having a suspected water leak. I’d assumed it was my leaking toilet cistern stop valves and I’ve done a temporary fix, so I didn’t do any more.

But wow, now I can see what the Water guys mean. The ground near the meter is saturated, waterlogged, with standing water on the surface. There must be a leak right near the meter which had been covered up by the vegetation.

I managed to clear enough to see it, but now I have to clear it all away. I’ll fill two wheely bins easily, probably three, but the lawn mowing guy pointed out that there’s a green pickup soon so I should be able to add it to my other neighbours’ pile.

At least it’s obvious where the leak is so it won’t take much work to fix it.


Screenshot_2020-04-20 A Lovely Villa with Pool close to Lovina central - Bali Real Estate by BPI Property and Villas in Bal[...]

Screenshot_2020-04-20 A Lovely Villa with Pool close to Lovina central - Bali Real Estate by BPI Property and Villas in Bal[...](1)

Screenshot_2020-04-20 A Lovely Villa with Pool close to Lovina central - Bali Real Estate by BPI Property and Villas in Bal[...]

By chance, searching the web this morning, I came across an ad for a villa in Lovina, Bali. Lovina Villa for sale.¬† These are screen grabs. Boy, did this trigger memories. I spent a month there with my partner in 2017 when she was renting it. It looks very nice in these photos but there are a few down-sides. It’s huge, with four bedrooms and two large bathrooms with a third smaller bathroom. Beautiful pool, as you can see. Maid’s quarters down the back. Yours for A$250,000.


I watched Killing Eve for the first time last night, just the one episode. Huh? What was that about? I couldn’t work it out. Disjointed, no story line that I could follow. I guess you have to be a fan.


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