Bunker bulldust day 101

A supernova in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which lies about 160,000 light years from Earth.

Supernova 1600 in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

I’m watching a documentary on the Hubble Space telescope at the moment. It’s a 4K Ultra Hi Def download from YouTube and it’s magnificent. So sharp! And the music alone is worth listening to. It’s about 45mins long but I had to stop last night. I’ll finish it tonight.


I would have posted day 100 yesterday but I was robbed of the chance by iiNet, the ISP. My internet connection failed yesterday at about 10.20am. I waited a while (an hour or so), cycled the power on my modems and rebooted my PC. Nothing.

I phoned iiNet Support at about midday and over a very low level phone line (they’re a phone company, but their phone is always too quiet!), and a very heavy South African accent that I could hardly understand, they led me through a complete low level reset of my modem and all its configuration. Result? No change.

“I think you’ve got an authentication problem.” Big help. I explained that I’m on HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coax) with Opticom as the provider. Will they call Opticom to report it. “No, I can’t do that.” Why not? “We don’t talk to Opticom.” What??!!

“I’ll put in a report to my manager and we’ll get back to you.” When? Needless to say, they didn’t. I had no internet all night and still this morning.

I did finally get a call from a woman, again heavily accented and hard to understand, who said someone will call to arrange a time for a tech to call here, as they think it’s a hardware fault. Will I be home? Of course I will. Did I get a call? Of course not!!!

Suddenly, at 10.18am, the red light turned green and I had internet back again. I had to reboot the PC to reestablish the connection but it’s been OK ever since.

Someone seems to have called at about 4.50pm but I missed the call.

I’ve put in a very bad report on their customer survey, saying I’m going to switch away to a new ISP. My experience is that iiNet say they’ll do things, but they just don’t. They promise something will happen, but it doesn’t. I’ve had enough! Don’t use iiNet.



Saturn, imaged by the Cassini spacecraft. One of the great pictures of all time, IMHO.



I’m changing the car radio/CD for a Pioneer touch screen AV unit with DAB+ tuner. This view makes me think of a patient on an operating table with his guts exposed and all the tubes and veins and nerves exposed.

I need to drill two large holes in the plastic surround. One will be for another cigarette lighter socket (at present, it’s in the centre console arm rest “cubby” which is hopeless. The other will be a USB socket for the USB input to the AV unit. This will require very careful drilling as I don’t want to make a slip or mistake.



I’ve just been out shopping at the Woolies at Butler. look at this mess. No shopping trolley wipes and an overflowing bin. I am not a fan of Woolies.


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