Aaarrrrrgh, done it again

My distress is because it looks as if I’ve killed a $200 car battery again. I only replaced it about six months ago.

I haven’t used the Honda MDX for a few months while it’s had the DVD player hanging from the roof lining. I was gunna get onto it, honest Danny. But time slipped by and I must assume it was powered up in some way, draining the battery. I’ve had the battery on charge for 24 hours so far but it’s not showing any signs of life (showing only 1.4V). Damn, it was new last year and cost more than $200. There’s nothing for it but to buy another one. Damn, damn, damn. I’m a fool. What am I? A fool!


I had an interesting experience today. I had a visit from a Silver Chain lady, who I was told was “social support”. I thought she was here to “have a chat” as they offer. But not exactly, she was just gathering information about my needs – this is the third time this has happened in the past six months or so.

Anyway, she had a fairly strong Scottish accent and in the course of talking, her name turned out to be Lawrie. She was born in the Shetlands but grew up in Edinburgh and has emigrated out here.

The thing is, Mum’s mother, my grandmother, came from a Lawrie family from Scotland via South Australia in the early 20th century. I’ve only become more aware of this since I’ve been doing the MyHeritage family tree. I kinda knew it earlier in my life, but not well.

The other thing is, as I looked at this woman, it was almost as if I was looking at my own face. She looked familiar and we seemed to have an awful lot of things in common; likes, dislikes, interests, eating and drinking habits, health issues (she’d recently had a heart attack and a stent inserted) and so on.

We talked for quite a while, nearly two hours and at the end, she said, “Is there anything you want to ask?” I said, “Yes, will you go out with me, could we get together?” Bit bold! I was attracted. But she said she already has a partner, so no. Oh well. But that was quite unusual for me.

So, no result, and she said it will probably be a few months before I see any visit from a “chatterer”. Crumbs, since I saw the offer in a Silver Chain ad more than a year ago, I’ve asked three times if I can have a visit from someone to chat to, with no result. I’ve lost confidence that anything will happen. It does depend on volunteers, I suppose, so I can’t complain.


Yes, folks, step right up for this year’s bargain – the NSHS 2020 Reunion thrown in absolutely FREE
with the 2021 NSHS Class of ’64 Reunion!

Virus permitting, it’s on again

Saturday 17 April 2021

This is what I’m doing at the moment – sending out around 200 emails and collecting the replies. We usually get about 45 including partners and spouses. It’s very popular.


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