I’m psychic!

Ohhh, invade me, please. Take me hostage. Have your way with me. 😉


Are we going to have a Spring this year, or what? On Monday morning, we had 40mm of rain, taking us to a new record November rainfall since the 1800s. And more than 100,000 lightning strikes over the southern half of the state. Great photo in the West Australian today, unfortunately I can’t find it.


Damn, my ability to summon coincidences shows itself again (see Venn diagram below :-))

A few days ago, in my last posting in fact, I was talking about genetic diseases and mentioned Huntington’s Chorea.

You guessed it. In Sunday night’s episode of Call the Midwife on ABC-TV, a woman was shown suffering an illness and it was diagnosed as — Huntington’s Chorea. It’s uncanny.

No it’s not. There are many diseases and some of them achieve prominence by repetition in the media. It’s not surprising that it appeared in a TV show, not that I thought of it either. The name is memorable. It’s just a coincidence, nothing more.

Oh well, back to my night classes, How To Be A Psychic.


Which reminds me, I found this on the web some years ago and it remains a brilliant favourite:

I HIGHLY recommend following the link http://www.crispian-jago.blogspot.com … he’s brilliant.


Uh oh, here I go again. I’ve found another car that I want, badly.

It’s a 1997 Ford Probe SV model, the final and best that was produced. It’s an automatic, so not so great; when I had the Mazda MX6 automatic, many times I wished it was manual. The auto is good for slow traffic, but it’s an old style 4-speed with no semi manual. I used to put it into third around town so as to stop it getting to 4th. (I’ve just noticed, the picture above is not the same car, or the wheels aren’t anyway. Different spokes. Generic picture from somewhere, I assume.)

By the way, this and the Mazda MX6 are basically the same car. Ford and Mazda were tied up back in the 90s and they each made a body on top of the same mechanicals.

I love this colour. It’s green, by the way. The lady seller says it’s been recently repainted in the original colour, which is good. The list of recent mechanical improvements is really impressive and includes a new timing belt, vitally important. Only 160,000Km, by the way.

Price? Asking $11,000. The lady owner in Morwell Vic obviously wants $10,000. It’s not licenced and as I wouldn’t even try to go to Victoria, I would have to pay the $1300 to get it trucked across here and it would have to go over the pits and be licenced here. No problem.

That price: two or three years ago they were an average of $4,000. I remember writing at the time that this was credit card territory, not too expensive in other words. Now, $10,000. I’d say this is partly because they’re becoming more scarce and desirable, and also because of the general rise in second hand car prices due to COVID and shortage of new cars. It’s possible that the car could continue to appreciate in line with scarcity.

Jeeez, this is tempting, but there’s one small problem, where would I put it??! I do plan to sell the Verada, real soon now, so if I can get that done, I can park it in the laneway. I don’t want to sell the other two cars, the MDX and the Peugeot. Hmmmm.

Also, since I started parking in the laneway, another couple of residents have started doing it too. I hope the council doesn’t get heavy with us.


The language is changing. Words which normally begin sentences are being left off.

For example, “(I’m) Sick of people saying the young don’t want to work.”; “(I) Went to the shops today.”; “(It’s a) Pretty big difference.”; “(I) Found a wonderful portfolio …”;

I’ll carry this on asap.


While I’m in rant mode …

It seems the entire world has lost the ability to distinguish between singular and plural in writing. Here are two examples in successive paragraphs in the same article:

“… the MacBook Pro has almost everything a photographer could find themselves looking for.” A photographer, singular, themselves plural.

” … few if any current camera supports …” camera, singular, supports, plural.

######### Sorry, I’ll continue this another time.

I’m back! “Every couple has their issues.” ABC News 11/11/21 Every is singular, their is plural. I find reading this junk uncomfortable. (It should read “All couples have their issues.”)


I saw the GP this morning about feeling generally unwell – tired, weak, low energy. It seems to have coincided with the change in my diabetes medication a few weeks ago. But the change is working. Morning readings have halved and evening readings are down 25%. So we don’t want to try stopping any medication. So I’ll just have to hope that time will help.

While I was there, he measured my blood pressure – 101/60. Brilliant! This is bordering on hypotension, low BP. He’s asked me to take readings at home and report back. He might halve the BP drug I take. At least something about my health is working.


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