Och aye! Inspiration

Isle of Skye, Cuillin Mountains © P. J. Croft 2008, 2023

An item on Petapixel about landscape photography, a series of three YouTube five minute episodes by two British landscape photographers. Yeeeaaah, right up my alley.

It sparked my memories of my 2008 trip around Dornie, Applecross and the Isle of Skye. What a fantastic trip that was! I took hundreds of photos and I’ve brought a few out to show. The opening shot was on a day so windy that I could hardly hold the camera upright on the tripod.

Cuillin Mts, Isle of Skye. Click to get a much larger image. © P. J. Croft 2008, 2023
A General Wade bridge, so called because he was the British general who ordered it built during “The Clearances” in the 17thC, when the impoverished Scots crofters were driven off their lands (cleared) to make way for British sheep farmers or graziers. Many starved to death. It’s just one reason for Scots to hate the British. The Scots have long memories.
Stromeferry © P. J. Croft 2008, 2023
On the road to Applecross © P. J. Croft 2008, 2023
Isle of Skye NE © P. J. Croft 2008, 2023
Glencoe. Click to get a big full sized image. © P. J. Croft 2008, 2023

I sure wish I could redo that whole two month trip.


By the way, I shot around 1,000 High Def video clips on the trip, and they’re still on my hard drive labelled Video. Problem is, the drive has failed. It’s not making clicking noises luckily (a sure sign the heads are contacting the disk surface, disaster). It’s actually totally silent, meaning I think the motor has failed. This can be fixed and the data retrieved, I think. But at a cost – maybe $500 or more. The failure happened nearly a year ago and I still haven’t made the move to get it fixed. I do have a backup, so it’s not urgent, but as the faulty disk is 3TB and has hundreds of more recent video and images, I don’t want to lose it.

As disk sizes are becoming so large, backup is difficult. I’m actually thinking I may need to buy a RAID array which has redundancy built in, to guard against these failures. I’ve actually got 4x 4TB drives brand new awaiting a drive aray, but cost is a factor.


By the way, I bought a 1TB micro-SD card last week, from the Wish.com web site for $8.80!

I’m always suspicious of these ultra cheap things as they can be made to look like 1TB, but only format to 100MB or similar. This one seems OK so far, but I’ll make sure it’s trustworthy before I, er, trust it.


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