It’s a Done Deal!

Sorry, rushed post:

Well, I’ve done it. I shook hands with the owner of Jasmine Villa yesterday afternoon and as soon as I pay him 10% of the 10% deposit today, it’s effectively mine. In fact, he’s a very straightforward, plain talking guy and since we shook hands, it’s effectively mine now.

It’s greatly helped by the fact that the owner is a Briton who’s been living in Perth for 25 years and is a self made man, running his own businesses, buying and selling property, and has now retired to Bali himself with his wife. We’re just on the same wavelength as each other, both have the same attitudes and feelings about Perth and Bali. It’s almost a case of completing each other’s sentences.

We met for lunch yesterday with Yudhi, then went to the villa and spent nearly two hours going over it while I pointed out rough bits that needed cleaning up and minor fixes. In fact, John spotted many things I hadn’t and volunteered willingly to fix them.

Best of all, I’d spoken about the need for an electric lift way of getting to the upper floor, since I’m finding the stairs a little difficult.

He says he can source a glass enclosed lift which will easily do the job and can be mounted on the outside, in an ideal spot next to the stairs. Being fully glass enclosed, it’s weatherproof. He says it’s not expensive, but I don’t know what that means yet. No problem.

It’s ideal, because John is well used to sourcing supplies and parts for his business, so “just does it.” If it were me, I’d be agonising and faffing around, trying to design and build one myself and never achieving it.

We also agreed on sliding timber doors for the double garage to provide security and weather protection, so at last I’ll be able to build my DCC model railway! How ironic – no room to do it in Perth, and had given up on the idea, but here I can revive it, in Bali!

I also said to John, why would I want an oven here? At first he was surprised when I said all I want is a microwave oven, but then he realised he could take my (brand new, in box) oven away for another villa and credit me on a microwave instead. Solved to both our benefits.

So today we’re going to the CommBank branch here to arrange a cash advance, then to a bedding shop to buy a bed and mattress, then to choose a fridge and microwave, all these for later delivery. And a sheet set. The airconditioners work in all four bedrooms, so sleeping should be very nice.

And we agreed that the bathroom toilets need a patterned glass door to give privacy. At the moment, the toilet is in full view if anyone comes out of the bedroom, but even I draw the line at that! Open plan living goes only so far.

We also arranged for a stainless steel ladder at a gentle slope to be made for the pool, and a few extra intermediate steps to make the step-ups a little less effort.

So all in all, it’s a done deal. I’m even going to be able to leave some heavy and bulky items here (CPAP, tripod, monopod, and some clothes) so that I can travel back light and easy.

And best of all, they asked when my flight is: it’s 9am on Wednesday, which means leaving this hotel at 6.30am or so. I was hoping the hotel would provide transport, but no way! Not this rip-off palace. But Yudhi and John said they’ll drive me! I’m amazed.

So back to hotel atrocities: there was aletter under my door when I got in last night. “Dear Mr Croft, we have a credit limit of Rp.1,000,000 ($111) and as you have reached Rp.6,450,000 ($715), please come to reception and settle this amount immediately.”

What??!! I was shocked. All I’d booked up was three beer tabs of $15 or so each and one meal of about $25. I thought there must be some mistake. Had someone else been signing stuff for my room?
When I booked, I had to provide my credit card details, of course. I assumed I’d paid in advance, on-line, since this was a cheap(er) rate non-refundable booking.

I haven’t been to reception yet (Monday morning) but I sincerely hope it’s just that the credit card on-line was only a guarantee, and that the big amount is just for the first six nights acommodation. It better be just a misunderstanding.

OK, breakfast a the Art Cafe across the road and free unlimited wi-fi with it, for $5.50 instead of the $15 this hotel wants for breakfast. Grrr.

Later: hotel bill fixed OK.

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