More dealing, but it’s done

Whooo, what a day.

Fixed the hotel credit limit snafu at the desk this morning. Yes, it seems my credit card had not been charged when I booked, and so the Rp.6,450,000 was for thr first 6 nights’ accommodation and etcs. So I paid it and all was sweet. But they never told me of any credit limit or that they hadn’t already been paid for the room.

Anyway, I went to breakfast at the Art Cafe at 9am, expecting Yudhi to collect me at 10am as he’d said. Nope, this time, just as my order arrived, he texted me, “peter please bring your passport I pick you up now”

I said, hang on, I’m eating my breakfast. But he arrived 10 mins later with John and Patricia in the car, so I had to hurry and finish eating and post the blog this morning.

OK, so we set off and it turned out we were going to the Notari’s office, ie a solicitor, to draw up some documents and formalise the transfer. OK with me.

It took a while! This was a guy John had never met, so it was a neutral field for both of us, which was good.

The solicitor was a young, intelligent, charming guy who put us all at ease, even with halting English, and we felt happy with his conduct.

The agreement took nearly two hours to write up and duplicate, using a dot matrix printer by the sound of it.

Eventually he came back and read it to us and there was lots of signing and initialling and stamping of seals. John has done this before and was pretty familiar with the ropes. I felt fine with it.

The result is, I have to pay some money in the next few days, but I am now the legal owner, (no, 30 year leaseholder, with option of 20 year extension) of Jasmine Villa, Jalan Blanjong, Sanur, Bali.
That means I can start fitting it out, so next stop was a furniture maker nearby to order a custom made bed. Nothing fancy, just a base, but of solid timber in a Japanese style (my choice). About $200.

Then to Denpasar to the Commonwealth Bank to try to arrange an interbank transfer to pay John and the notary. Sorry sir, we do not have an on-line connection to Australia. We cannot do. What??!! So the good old CBA has let me down again. I’ll have to risk it over internet banking on an unsecured wi-fi connection tonight.

Then it was on to a big furniture and electrical place in Denpasar, a Hardly Normal equivalent (but with helpful staff!) There I picked out a fridge, a microwave oven and spotted a mattress that looked just right. I didn’t buy – these were just model numbers to be shopped around by Yudhi for the best price from his contacts.

But I’m especially happy with the fridge and microwave, both Panasonic and both examples of good design, in my opinion. The fridge is 463L, (19% bigger than mine at home), bottom freezer with Fast Ice Cube section, and top section with the thinnest walls I’ve ever seen in a fridge. $644.

The microwave oven is an inverter convection/griller type with a mirror glass front and heaps of functions. $311.

I didn’t choose a mattress even though I saw a nice one, but it was $440. We’ll look again tomorrow. It was 4pm by then and we were all tired out.
Oh, and the phone line is already connected at the villa (but there’s no phone on the end yet!) and my new number is 0011 62 361 28 33 86. And, I have ADSL on that line!!!! Can’t get it in Perth, but I’ve got it here, now. Doesn’t that say it all?

So back to the Mercure for a shower and rest, and in theory, Yudhi is taking us to his restaurant tonight for Crispy Duck, but if he doesn’t show, I won’t be sorry. A bit too tired at the moment.

I was nearly going to write that the day was remarkable for the lack of rain, but it’s bucketed down tonight. No worries! That’s life in Bali. Malam.

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