A week has slid by

Minnie after chasing a dove. Could you leave her?

Sorry for the lack of news. It’s been quite a busy week, but it doesn’t quite seem interesting enough to write home about.

Last Monday saw me paying the Notaris fee for the villa. A Notaris in Indonesia is a solicitor, and I had to pay him 1% for his work in drawing up the legal agreement. It’s a lotta money, but that’s the way it is. Unfortunately, the Qld floods knocked the A$ exchange rate around and it cost about $150 extra from last week. Can’t be helped.

Last Monday evening (17th) saw the passing away of our last uncle in the Croft family. He was the eldest, but the last of the three brothers and one sister. He was much loved and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to have a good, long meeting at their home in late 2008 (he was of the Queensland Crofts).

Minnie in her comfort zone. My old life.

The next couple of days had me cleaning out old clothes for the Sammy’s bins. What a stupid hoarder I’ve been! I must have discarded 30Kg of clothes, at least. I had trousers from the 1990s which I had never worn, nor even removed the labels! Far too small for me now.

All my heavy winter gear has gone, of course. I have a couple of Timberland and Nautica jackets which are too good to discard, but there’s no point taking them to Bali. I’ll give them to good friends. Likewise my Olympics and Seven Network jackets and T shirts.

Part of my DVD/CD chaos.

I’m also well into copying all my CDs and DVDs to hard disk. It’s incredible — a 1TB (that’s 1,000 GB, or 1,000,000MB) hard disk is now only $56. (I can remember buying a 40MB hard disk in about 1990 for $425!)  I bought two new 1TB drives, one for music and one for DVDs. It takes about 5 mins per CD and 30 mins per DVD to copy them, and I’ve done about 75 of each so far. Many, many more CDs to do than DVDs, but it’s fun.

I just do the DVDs while I’m doing other things, (watching TV), but the CDs take much more concentration because (a) I can do two at once with two drives; (b) each only takes about 3-5 mins; and (c) due to the need to change the file names to the music title and CD number, I have to concentrate on the job. I’m keeping the paper front cover inserts which will go into a plastic sleeve file, so that I can look them up, and even recreate the CD if I want to. By copying in lossless format, all the information is still there. Marvellous.

Two down, two up. The bedrooms from the living room.

This also lends itself to a networked file-server means of having music in any room of the house. In the villa, I could be upstairs in the bedrooms while the music hard drive is 30m away downstairs in the living area, yet dial up music for upstairs anyway. I’m also looking forward to a trip to Singapore, the home of high-end audiophiles, to buy a pair of really good loudspeakers, eg QUADs.

A few hurdles have cropped up:

  • I’ve found that the Centrelink Health Care Card (which cuts my cost for the 10 medications a day I have to take) cuts out after three months overseas. However, speaking to the pharmacist, I can have three months of prescriptions at once, so if I simply return to Perth Every three months, that should do the trick. We’ll see.
    He warned, having lived in Asia himself, not to regard medicines made there as being 100% kosher. He said Singapore’s OK, but there are too many counterfeits and too lax QC in other countries.
  • Once I sell this house, after paying for the Bali villa, my remaining assets will virtually rule me out of the pension next year. I should have expected it, of course, and I shouldn’t be greedy either.
  • I had an idea on the sale of this house which might have allowed Minnie to stay in her home, but it fell through. Bit of an unrealistic hope, I’m afraid. I’ve come to realise that taking Minnie to Bali is probably not possible, but what to do with her is a big problem. It’s worrying me.

 On the other hand, I’m gradually coming to realise that what I want to take to Bali will almost fit on the head of a pin! Exaggerating, of course, but it really isn’t much. Maybe a dozen boxes? A few suitcases?

One worry is that Indonesia has imposed a new law requiring the payment of import duty on all goods above a total value of $250, for everyone! That means if you go to Bali with a $1000 camera and/or a similar value laptop computer, you’ll be charged duty, even if it’s only for your holiday and will be taken home with you!

They plan to inspect all bags and cases after the X-ray inspection, and so there’ll be new delays on arrival. It seems unrealistic and unworkable, and I suspect it’ll only last a few weeks or months, but I’m not looking forward to it because all my personal effects will be dutiable and there’ll be some pretty expensive items in my gear.

My brother is going next week and will be able to report on the system. His iPad alone will be liable for duty. Uh oh!

I contacted a valuer today to get an independent house valuation, but their fee is double what I was told to expect, so I backed away.

Then I contacted a real estate agent who’s been highly recommended to me, so Thursday will see some movement there. This might actually be a quicker process than I thought, as she said she has a buyer now who is looking for a house to rebuild in this area. Hmmm.

Selemat Siang, especially to Wiwin.


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