Another week, and it’s all happening!

Another week has slid by and quite a few things have happened, both good and not so good.

What hot weather! This is hotter than Bali, for me. Yes, Bali is more humid, but I can tolerate that as long as I have a nice fan to cool off with. The pool is right there – instant relief.

Mt Bromo, Java, looking across the sand plain.

Now we’ve got volcanic ash from Mt Bromo causing cancelled Bali flights, and a cyclone heading our way as well. Exciting, ain’t it?

Looking into the crater of Mt Bromo
Mt Merapi smoking in the distance from the rim of Bromo
That’s me, second from left, on the rim of Bromo 1989
The horses that take you across the sand plain in the pre-dawn mist 1989
Dawn from Bromo’s rim

If you ever get the chance to see Bromo, it’s worth the trip. It was one of the highlights of my life. Take a bow, Geoffrey Williams, who instigated it.


I contacted the estate agent who’s been highly recommended to me and she was going to come around on Thursday afternoon, but she had to cancel because she needs an urgent hip operation so it looks as if we won’t meet after all. I’m sure I’ll be able to work with her colleague, though. Meanwhile, I’m still on tenterhooks – what is my house worth and how easily will it sell? All this and more in next week’s exciting episode of “The Emigrant”.


I can sell this house now with the added feature of a new set of wires from the street pole to my eaves and power board. Western Power contractors have just been here to install a new line, just as a maintenance thing. Poor blighters (two out of three of them were Irish!) were working in this heat while wearing full safety gear, that is boots, long trousers, heavy day-glo jackets, thick gloves and helmets! The sweat was pouring off them.

These guys are fearless!

Pictured above is work done on the power pole outside my house in February 2005. Those wires with the big insulators are at 22,000 Volts! That’s a minimum – the voltage could be higher. At this voltage sparks can form and jump across to your body like lightning.

The bucket they’re in is insulated from the ground, and they’re wearing full body insulation as well. The main lines are covered in those orange plastic sleeves so they can’t touch the wires by accident. Notice that the switches at the top are pen, so in theory, the wires to the left are not live. I wouldn’t want to test the theory.


I’ve had friends saying how excited and envious they are of my move to Bali and it’s set them wondering about doing the same. Well, good news, because the developer of my villa says he’s considering another set of villas of the same design nearby to mine, so if you want to do it, guys and girls, step forward. It would probably take a year or more to build the new villas, so you’ve got time to get your skates on. I’d be delighted to have a group of friends around me. Couldn’t think of anything nicer. Well, maybe I could think of one or two nicer things, but … at my age? In these shoes?


Work continues apace on copying all the DVDs and CDs. I do believe I’m almost finished the DVDs. I’ve done 131, plus another 20 or so music DVDs, and I’ve got about 20 or 30 to go, although I don’t actually have to copy them to hard drive now. It’s a small enough bulk now to box them up to take up.

The CDs are a different matter. It’s a slow job and although I’ve done more than 110, I’ve got more than 500 to go! I might have to just take the discs out of the covers and box them, with their sleeve inserts, in computer disc boxes. That’ll be much easier. I can finish the job in Bali if I want to.

Did you know we’d had a nuclear explosion in Perth?  T his was 7 January 1995. It’s a fire.
Stormy scene, Trigg 1990s

STOP PRESS: it seems that our possible cyclone is approaching. Maybe I’d better go outside and put the umbrella away, stack the chairs and generally put things in the shed. Could be exciting?

Further news: at 7.30pm, there’s been no effect at all here at my place, except for a little bit of rain. I belive there’s more to come, maybe early tomorrow.


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