Thames Pageant Update

I’ve had a reply from the ABC saying they don’t have the rights to show the Thames Jubilee Flotilla live!
They’ll be showing a delayed program at 6pm on Monday 4 June, but it’ll obviously only be edited highlights and if it’s on ABC1 it will only be in standard definition.
I can’t believe it. This will be an event which has not been seen since the 17th century in the times of Charles I and will never be seen again in our lifetimes, yet we won’t be able to see it live or in full.
It’s like saying that a manned landing will be occurring on Mars next month but we won’t be able to watch it due to rights, or costs, or lack of demand.
The BBC will be covering it in full in hi-def, so there will be a feed available. So where can we see it? I don’t know and I can’t seem to find out. So disappointing. We can get the live web feed but I doubt it will work for me on my limited bandwidth connection. So disappointing.
I hope I’m mistaken and if I am, I’ll happily correct my comments.

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