Ah, Monday.


This is how many possessions one should have. It’s all you need.

I hate Mondays. No, not really. It’s just that I’ve got three days of this moving purgatory to go, and I have to get back into it. I’ll have to take at least one more load to the storage place today, and I’ve just rented a third unit. My initial estimate that 27 cm. m. would be enough has proven wildly off.

One of today’s items is going to be long lengths of timber from the roof of the workshop. My attempts to give them away have failed, so I have to take them. It’s architrave mouldings, skirting, a big western Red Cedar plank and some smaller stuff, lengths of (small) jarrah, sheets of masonite and ply and a length of 40mm x 40mm angle iron, about 2.4m. Boring. I don’t want it, but I’ve got no choice.

Plus a suitcase and several large bags of clothes, household mops, brooms etc, two computer monitors, and assorted detritus.

I’ve been thinking about the other end around 6 April. This is a mountain of stuff! It’ll take me months more hard work to sort it all out and take it into the house, and store it properly. I’ll have to have a monster garage sale. I think my car is even going to have to stay out front so I have the whole garage to work in. I wonder what the parking regs are?

And all the boxes are going to need disposal. Well over 100 boxes, I’d say, all having to be flattened and got rid of. Aaaarrrrggh.

Oh well, 1115am, up and at ’em. So weary, though. Barry’s got a trailer today to take rubbish to the Stirling tip. Bless him.

Oh, I had a bit of excitement at the house yesterday. I was just about to start vacuuming when the power went off. Oh, what a shame, I thought, I really was looking forward to vacuuming.

Then I noticed sirens and red flashing lights, took the bin out and a power pole about four doors down was well alight. Dust and light rain – a deadly combination. That make two pole fires near me in two years.