What a good day!

I’m tired, but I’m happy. Today has been a succession of good news events. As I said below, Centrelink are being nice to me, so that was win number one. I celebrated with a brunch (yes, I did not have any lunch) at Innaloo Shopping Centre.

Then I went to see my GP up at Merriwa. Just routine, but I got my latest blood test results. Thyroid? OK. Liver function? OK. Kidneys? OK. Cholesterol? 5.0! HbAic? 6.7! This is brilliant stuff. In other words, I’m doing all the right things and seeing the results.

Then I went to the Physiotherapist next door and asked about Hydrotherapy. I found that Butler College is due to open “any day now” in Connolly Drive nearby, and it will have a pool and hydrotherapy facility. This will be within 5Km of my new home. Good!

Then I took another drive around Butler and still loved it. Everything I want is there. There’s a Subway across the road, a bottle shop (yeah, I know … ), another phyiotherapist, a  Nando’s Pizza (never!), a gym, a medical centre, and on and on. I LIKE IT! I feel good about the whole area.

Then at home, I got a call from Barry — the present owners have found their new place, so I can firm up on  a date – 4 April. Provided nothing goes wrong, of course. This is good news. It gives me some certainty.

Then at home, I put my 10 year old Dyson vacuum cleaner out on the front verge. It had lost its beater bar function. It still sucked (like a vacuum cleaner … ) but I’d pulled it apart to find out why it wasn’t “sweeping” properly. I ran out of enthusiasm, however, so boxed it up and put it out. It was gone within half an hour! Good catch for whoever took it.

Finally. Finally. I think I’ve intimated that I’ve not been too happy with my back fence neighbours for the past two and a half years, at minimum. Loud dinner parties, even on week nights. Constant kid/pool screaming. Small dog barking. LOUD music. Outdoor lights shining in my eyes. Smoke from a wood fired pizza oven. Endless problems! I complained in writing, but got nowhere.

I was expecting another bad Christmas/New Year season, but just before Xmas, they went quiet. They seemed to have gone away. Goody, I thought. Workmen moved in to do work at the back, facing me, and I expected  the parties to resume, as has happened in the past, but they didn’t.

Here we are two months later, and they are still away. Funny, I was beginning to think. Two month holidays? Surely the onslaught must recommence soon?

Yay! Today I got a real estate flyer in the mail: their house is up for auction! They’ve moved out! Hah. How ironic. Here was I, thinking that at last I’ll be free of their noise, and today I find that they’ve pre-empted me. They’ve gone. Hah! Hah, hah. No wonder it’s been so quiet. What a relief.

So in one day, several things have been resolved: Centrelink; a minor medical issue; good blood test results; a firmer date for my purchase of my new home; relief at last from my neighbour problems; and a good home for my vacuum cleaner. A good day all round. I’ll sleep well tonight.


Another win

I’ve just come home from Centrelink. Good news – they allow some leeway between selling a house and buying another one and I don’t lose my pension or pension card in the interim. That’s a relief. I have ten essential medications, and at $35 each without the PBS concession, that’s $350 a month. I shouldn’t complain, but …

I was also able to get them to remove my shareholding in CO-LT, the company I invested in 10 years ago. I’m afraid the banks lost patience with the guy, took his City Beach house (rather abruptly, I believe) in lieu of his debt, and he fled overseas. I’ve heard he’s now deceased. Regrettable, but he was obsessed to the point of mania.

Anyway, I lost my $12,000 investment. Ce la vie.