Two buses

Ain’t it so? You wait for ages for a bus, then two come along at once. Either will get you where you want to be.

I’ve put in an offer on a house, “Way up north, north to Alaska”, and I’m excited about it. It has a huge number of plus factors, including that it’s so closely integrated with the shopping area. And the parks and ponds. I’ll be walking everywhere, even just down the street to buy the paper and sit with a coffee to read it. That’s what I like.

The owners have made clear that they want a bigger family and are excited by the opportunity to change to a bigger house on a full block in the same area. We just have some ‘agglin’ to do. They’ve asked for time to find another place, and to move. that’s OK, I understand.

But I needed a Plan B in case this falls through. Today I found it. It’s an over-55s villa a stone’s throw from where I am now. Same area, in other words. Plus points: quite large, nice design, very nice feel to the complex.

Minus points: right next to Marmion Ave (so a bit noisy, but only a bit more than I’ve got now); a street that had a murder only a few years ago, a street with a bad reputation in other words; only two beds, one bathroom; a very small garage for only one car, and nowhere to park my car except on the street if I want to use the garage for other stuff, so not much room for a workshop; and apart from the Chas Riley Reserve, no walking to anything. Oh, and no room for a pool, whereas up north, there will be room for a small pool.

It’s a bit cheaper than up north, and is a normal strata title with low strata fees and no hanging “deferred management fees”. I could do a reverse mortgage, very important.

So it’s a strong contender, but I still prefer oop North, with its huge double garage, room for a pool, the lawn patch, extra bedroom and bathroom and integration with the shops. Sure, it’s a long way, but I get free travel on bus and train and it’s easily reachable on the freeway. Butler station will be finished very soon, and that’s only 3Km away. Time will tell.


Meanwhile, times like these make you realise who your real friends are.


A good mate has offered me the ideal solution to accommodation in March, when I really¬† need it, including with Minnie. I am so grateful. It’s a long way south, but it’ll be good for me and Minnie. I might even get back to some photography!

I was thinking of a ship cruise leaving Fremantle on 9 March for three weeks, but I have a leg vein operation sometime in that month, I think, so I can’t really go away. Maybe next cruise.


Another amazing coincidence: I was napping yesterday afternoon and daydreaming about how to get a removal firm to do the final shift. Then there was a knock at the door.

I opened it to an Irish guy who said, “Er, I’m from Sovereign Removals. Are you Nerida?” or some such name. No, I said. “Oh, must be next door.” So I said, “Well, when¬† you’ve finished there, I need a removalist too. Come back and talk to me.”

So he did, and we went through what I need. I’ve done a good part of it, and he could see there isn’t much left to move, so he said, “You’ll get two guys and the truck for $125 per hour, minimum three hours, and we can do all this for you in that time. So it’ll be $375 + GST.” I’m happy with that.

He also said, “Look, we can shift it all for you in one load. No need for you to be making runs to the lockup.” So there you go. Knock knock. Who’s there? The removalists I need, that’s who.


New advertising slogan for Queensland: “Ah, Queensland, where every house has a water view.”