The Angel of the North. 
It's next to the A1 motorway in England. 
I saw it twice while I was there, 
once on the motorway going north
and again from the train going south.
This is not my picture, btw.

Bother! Yesterday I summoned the energy to go to the beach stairs for the first time in a coupla months, only to find them cordoned off with a sign saying “Closed due to a washaway.” So I did a cliff top walk instead, only to find another beach access point closed off as well, without a reason.


Oh well, I went and walked around Bunnings instead, to buy new rubbers for my sink plugs, which are stainless steel, like strainer baskets. “No Sir, you can’t buy the rubber seals. You have to buy the whole plug.” OK, they’re only $4.95, but what a waste.


My shoulder pain is a lot better, perhaps due to the drug Lyrica that I’m on, but the side effect is hand tremor. I don’t know for sure, but it only seems to since I started it. It makes it hard to hold small screws and hold the screwdriver steady. I’ll ask the doc. I have an appt with the orthopaedic surgeon on the 28th, so we’ll see what he says.


My sleep is very erratic these days and I’m hearing a few odd noises, like scuttling sounds, with a small rattle of the micro-venetian blind occasionally. Today I heard a click, exactly like one of my sliding door latches. A bit worried, I went out to the kitchen, but all was well, except that the latch was in the locked position. Huh? How would it be this way if the door is open? (I’m talking about daytime, not during the night.)

I think I have mice in the ceiling too. There’s one small mouse running across the floor occasionally. They’ve only shown up since Minnie’s been gone, and neighbourhood cats as well (they wear collars).

I won’t rush into it, but I could weaken and get another dog. This is too hard.


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