Old friends


I had lunch today with seven other guys from Northam High School days. There was one I didn’t remember – he was a year behind us and in those days that was a canyon. One was in a wheelchair with MS but all the others are still in good health (assuming I am).

But the flies! They came free but we were in an outside area and we were constantly shooing and waving. Change of season I suppose.


The medication for my shoulder pain seems to be working. I awoke this morning on my left side, which has been too painful to sleep on for the past month, so it must be better now. Still aching a bit today, but nothing like last week.

But the side effects of the medication are not nice. “Feeling drunk” is right. My balance is affected and I tend to want to veer right. I’ve nearly fallen a few times – but I didn’t. Also I’ve developed a tremor in my fingers and some involuntary arm movement (jerks) . This was confirmed by a friend who’s also been on the same medication. I hope it wears off.


Jeez I miss Minnie. It’s been nearly 8 weeks now and it hasn’t got any easier.




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