All done!


This is the kitchen. It looks glamorous, but it's not good.
The cupboard space is useless and there's not much bench space.
I plan some changes.

At last, it’s finished. All my “stuff” was brought from the Osborne Park lockup today, so I’m finally complete at the new house and the end of this long, long road. Of course, I have a big pile of boxes in the garage to unpack, but at least I have my major items of furniture back – the table and chairs, the Q size bed which I haven’t been able to sleep on for more than two years, my other trusty single bed (a Boans model now nearly 50 years old!), my fridge, my outdoor glass table and chairs, my desks and my main PC.

I set out from here at about 0600 this morning and it was a breeze on the freeway most of the way, until a crawl just past Reid Highway due to road works. It freed up after that, and I was waiting outside the gate at the storage place from 0645. The truck arrived at 0710, so that was good.

I took the rest of the smallest unit (about 2 cu. m.) in my car, and left the guys to it after about 45 mins. They pulled it all out first so they could see how to pack their truck. Luckily, whatever had shifted to stop the big roller door opening had shifted back again, and it opened easily. Phew!

As it was a hot day, I came back to Butler and waited for them. But I got a call: “Er, we’ve got a flat battery, we can’t start the truck.” Hah! Shades of the Irish guys running out of fuel. They said they’d stopped the clock while they got a start, and they arrived here about 1230pm, by which time I’d unloaded and moved my car around to the front verge.

Some of the stuff was a tight fit to go through the garage/back entry, so I got them to help me remove the metal sheeting blocking the side of the garage. That opens it up to the back lawn, and allows me to bring things around the side, with about 3m of pathway. At the moment, my garage has a security problem I suppose, but …

My fridge survived and is now nice and freezy again. At last, after six weeks, I can store food. I’ve been thinking about buying a new one, but they are a bit expensive! This one will do for a while.

Phew, tired again. Not surprising and all this physical exertion is good for me. Huh.


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