Uh oh, again.


 Busselton, 1990  © PJ Croft 2013

I’ve just had a phone call at 1.05pm from a guy with an Indian accent in a very noisy call centre environment telling me that he’s calling from Melbourne in Victoria. He just wants to tell me that he’s from Telstra and from next month on, there will be no line rental charge, and all my local and interstate calls will be free.

I’m thinking, why? Why would Telstra ring me to tell me everything’s free when I’m with iiNet? He says, no, iiNet is just your carrier, your line is with Telstra.

Then he just wants to confirm my details. He knows my address, except he gets one digit of the postcode wrong. Then he asks me to nominate one friend’s mobile number and all my calls to that number will be at a flat rate of 95c. I say no, I don’t want to nominate any number.

Then he tells me my monthly fee will be $59.95 (I already knew that) and asks for further confirmation of my address. By this time I’m getting very suspicious and say, “No, something’s funny here.” He says “What’s funny? You tell me what’s funny.” So I hang up on him. He hasn’t called back.

What the hell was that all about? I think it was an Indian call centre scammer, but if he has my number and address, why does he want me to confirm them? Is it just to get me to give him some friend’s mobile number?

Bloody hell, raps on the door, scam call, bangs at night making me wonder whether to get up and investigate. What’s going on?


I had a bad night last night, too. I woke at 4am needing a loo stop, and my Atrial Fibrillation started up. A bit of angina, a cold feeling on the back of my neck. Scary, in other words. You lie there wondering whether it’s bad enough to phone for an ambulance. And for some reason, I needed to pee six times over the next two hours.

It settled down after that and I slept until after 8am.


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