A pain in the neck!


Urrrrgghhh! It’s just one darn thing after another. For the past week I’ve been fighting pain in my left shoulder, going up my neck and down into the shoulder joint and the upper arm. I saw the doctor on Thursday and she says I’ve got C6 neuropathy. A nerve is being pinched in the C6 spinal joint. There’s a bit of numbness in my left arm and thumb too.

I had a CAT scan yesterday and will know the result on Monday afternoon. Meanwhile, I’m dosing up on Panadiene Extra every 4 hrs and trying to stay immobile, as the pain does go away if I can keep it still for a while.


One good thing about living up here is that you can get an appointment at the scanning place quick smart – no crowds, no waiting. The nearest is at Currambine, about 10 mins drive away. “Yes, sir, when would you like to come in?”

Funny – I get to 66 without ever having a scan done, and now I’ve had an MRI and a CAT scan within 3 weeks of each other.


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