Nice Work Mr Newman


It’s getting hotter.  © P J Croft 2014

A couple of days ago I highlighted the wrongheadedness of Maurice Newman, head of the Business Council of Australia and advisor to our esteemed PM, Tony “Climate Change is Crap” Abbott, B.A. Oxon. Boxing.

Have a look at this:

A recent survey has shown that of 2,258 papers published by 9,136 authors (scientists), only ONE paper refuted global warming.  Deniers don’t publish scientific papers, even though claiming to have science credentials, because they can’t prove their case and don’t like criticism.  They prefer to use channels like Fox News and The Australian newspaper, both owned by Rupert Murdoch, also a denier.

Mr Newman, with no scientific credentials, claims that it’s all a conspiracy and climate change is a hoax.  He takes the word of that one man against the 9,135 others. No wonder Australian businesses are so poorly run.  “His career spans forty years in stockbroking and investment banking, …” [Wikipedia]  Well, that qualifies him to speak about climate science, doesn’t it?

Well, as Phil Plait says, if it’s a giant hoax, where are the articles and investigations trying to prove its hoaxiness?  Surely there must be evidence?  It would make a HUGE story for a journalist:  CLIMATE CHANGE CONSPIRACY – We Show Thousands of Scientists Involved in Secret Pact to Scare the World.  Today Tonight, 60 Minutes, where are you?

The problem is, Mr Newman has big influence.  To me, he is a saboteur, bent on trashing the work of sincere researchers, preying on the gullible in society and advancing his own wealth and that of his business buddies at the expense of the children of the next generation.  Not just in Australia but mainly in places like Bangladesh, Burma, Vanuatu and other low lying countries.  Somewhat akin to tobacco companies boosting their flagging sales by increasing their marketing to children in third world countries with the explicit aim of getting them addicted.

Nice work Mr Newman.  Poisoning the well.

PS: I was worried that I was being too strong here. Take a look at this:  He puts it far more strongly than I have.




Oooooh, it feels so good.  Water Dragon, Malaysia  © PJ Croft 1986, 2014

“For the first time in Australia, a team of scientists attempting to create a gene bank have successfully collected sperm from a goanna.”

“Researchers collected the sperm using a technique called electro ejaculation, which until now has only been performed on reptiles in the US.”

Sounds skinky!