Wasting time


I’m antsy.  I’ve just spent over 90 mins selecting books and small photography items on Amazon.  I chose five books, all paperbacks, and five photo items etc, the most expensive of which was US$39 (Olympus’s full rrp $99 here!).

The total came to AU$112 but when I went to checkout, the shipping added $137! The total became AU$249.  I chose the cheapest shipping in every case.

So I went back and deleted all the hardware items, leaving only the books. Result: on a AU$58 order, the shipping was going to be AU$62.

I wasted my time. I’ve deleted it all. So much for Amazon.  I bought some items from HK last week and the shipping was included.  I’ll go back to that shop, and look for the books locally.


Coincidences again.  I read a book in the last few weeks which talked about a guy called Bob Purefoy, a real guy in the US involved in missiles and nuclear matters.  I’ve never heard that surname before.

Then last night in Music of the Monarchs with David Starkey on SBS, there in the credits was William Purefoy in some role.  OK, maybe it’s a reasonably common name, but to never see it in 67 years, then have it crop up twice in two weeks is weird.


Blood sugar is still too high and it is sapping my already limited strength and energy.  Lack of insulin means the sugar in the blood can’t get across into the muscles for energy.  The excess blood sugar goes through the kidneys and is excreted in urine, hence the funny smell.

I’m probably going to have to go onto insulin temporarily before I have the drastic gastric.  I feel terrible.  But insulin makes it very hard to lose weight (I’m told by a doctor) and the gastric guy is going to tell me I have to lose 5-10Kg before the operation, I reckon.  Hard.

The good part is that I feel bad when I drink beer, so I’ve stopped.  I am NOT an alcoholic!  Anyone who says I am is wrong.


Still a few NSHS Reunion acceptances drifting in like snowflakes, but with a week to our deadline for replies, we’ve only had 37, out of over 160 emails sent out.  I’m discouraged.

The absentees include most of the people I know well, people I would fully expect to be coming!  I’m going to have to try to get them moving one by one.  I’m disappointed.