Here are the facts

As I was saying, PM Tony Abbott, MP, Maurice Newman, banker and Rupert Murdoch, oligarch are climate change deniers.  They say it’s all a media hoax, which in the case of Rupert is pretty sick.

Image(Image Credit: NASA/GSFC/Earth Observatory, NASA/GISS)

This graph was released by NASA in the past few days.  I think NASA carries a bit more weight and credibility than those three clowns, don’t you?  The facts are irrefutable.  But our prime minister and his business advisor still try to deny them. What does that say about (a) their intelligence and (b) their motives?

I’m not sure who’s mad around here, but I’m sure it’s not me.

And this one?


And this?

ImageOf course it’s all made up by those bastards in the credit at bottom right, isn’t it Mr Murdoch, Mr Abbott?  Lowest rainfall on record for SW WA.  But that’s not change, that’s just bad luck.  About 120 years of bad luck, but …

Here are a few names of the Australian conspirators to go on with, gentlemen:

Why don’t you expose the hoax, Mr Murdoch?  How does this hoax work, exactly?



I could show much more, but this is enough. Don’t rubbish what you don’t understand, gentlemen.