ImageI've been preparing photos for my books, and these ones leapt
out at me after being ignored for many years.
This was the original from 2000 at the Sydney Olympics.
I was on the ferry at night, trying and failing
to hold the camera steady on the harbour. That's the
bright moon on the right.  © Peter Croft 2000, 2014


This is an effect called Glass.
 It's a bit kitsch, but I like it.


Different base image, effect called Oil.


Daub effect.


This effect is called Explode.


A similar photo, the Sydney skyline I think, with effect applied.


Scotland.  Done with a program called
Dynamic Auto Painter (I bought a paid copy.)


America's Cup, Fremantle 1986 - Rottnest on horizon.


Van Gogh?  Rape seed paddock near York, WA

This is not real art, but I know what I like.  All images © Peter Croft 2014

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