Three strikes


You think you have neighbourhood problems?  A housing development in China.
This is from the web but I can't remember where.

Yesterday I expressed my opinion that conservative governments tend to push simplistic solutions to complex problems.

in my inbox today is this from Choice:

Last Friday the Attorney-General announced that the government
was looking at introducing a so-called three-strikes policy in
an attempt to fight online piracy. These policies give warnings
for alleged copyright infringement before eventually issuing
fines or even banning consumers from the internet. 

These policies have failed almost everywhere they have been
introduced. They are costly, ineffective, and lack due process
which can put innocent consumers at risk.

Another simplistic idea which is bound to fail, but will be costly in time and money.

This is the same attorney-general who sent ASIO into a lawyer’s office in Canberra to confiscate evidence in an International Court of Justice in the Hague case over East Timor’s right to oil revenues.  ASIO!  In a lawyer’s office!  Client confidentiality!  Privilege!  This is an outrage.  Our attorney-general is a simpleton suburban solicitor, out of his depth.


This is interesting.  You will be interested, OK?

This is a drawing I downloaded a couple of years ago from the UK Ordnance Survey web site.


Familiar shape.  Next is a zoom in.


And another zoom in.


Another zoom.


Final zoom.


This is a vector drawing which is capable of any amount of enlargement without pixellation. It has 205 layers!  I’ve used layers in drawings, but never as many as that.  Unfortunately the layers are not named, so you can’t see what they mean except by turning them all off (a laborious process, one by one), then turning each one on in turn.  Not me.

By the way, it’s a .dxf file if you know AutoCAD.


Speaking of food (the radio is), I cooked last night!  This was the first time since I moved here on 4 April last year that I used the gas cooktop and a pan (I use the microwave all the time with its grilling, steaming and oven functions).  Delicious chicken rendang, but 30 mins work for 5 mins eating?  And having to eat the same thing for the next two nights from the leftover.  Could freeze it of course.

Speaking of eating — pickled walnuts.  Ever tried ’em?  I was given a big jar of home made ones and I’ve tried to like them, but it’s hard.  They don’t look like walnuts, more like big olives, but the saltiness!  It’s such an intense salty flavour that I can hardly get through one. I won’t throw them out, but … lucky they’ll keep.

The olives are great, though.  Thanks Al.


Sixth day on insulin.  Increase the dose says the doc, but only by 2 units a day until I reach BSL 4-6.  And use 2 units after dinner because my BSL is too high 2hrs after my main meal. OK.  No ill effects.


Volume III of my VVV photobook arrived this morning.  Uploaded last Sunday evening, delivered from KL 5 days later.  Not bad.  Very nice printing job – neutral colour balance and brighter pictures now that I’ve adjusted my monitor.

I think I’ve got a volume IV in me.  But other things come first, like the DVD re-edit.


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