When will it end?

As I was saying, uuurrrrggh. Not many posts lately. This is the third week of one of the most persistent colds I’ve ever had. It’s not flu, just chest gurgling congestion. It’s very slowly improving but I woke at 3am last night and didn’t sleep again, having a coughing fit every five minutes or so. Tired now.


I was forced to do a fast track book composition as I mentioned, and I sent it off for printing on Monday.


Title page © PJ Croft 2014


This is the format I used this time, due to the rush job. I think it’s quite effective. © PJ Croft 2014

But I’ve realised I forgot to put my name to it as the author. I’ll have to print my name on a separate sheet, cut it out and glue it onto the cover.


I’ve had my car in being serviced this morning. Since I only do it once a year and it uses absolutely no oil in between, at $350 I can’t complain.

But I’ve been noticing hints of misfiring for some time. Since it’s still on the original plugs, again I can’t complain, but you can’t just change the plugs like the old days. To do the front three is not a problem, but the rear three are underneath the exhaust (or inlet?) manifold, which has to be removed to get access. Big cost. And they tell me the rocker cover gaskets have to be replaced at the same time, and the plug leads replaced.

The spark plugs are $32 each x 6 = $186. The plug leads are $154. The gaskets are about $35 each, plus labour for all this, it will amount to near $800! Just to change the spark plugs!

I’ve said no, forget it for now. This is a 13yo car and I’ve been told it’s probably only worth $500 or so. It’s not worth doing. It’s running beautifully apart from little hesitations sometimes. It’ll have to wait until it really goes wrong.


What kind of fool would I be, then, to buy a 2003 Porsche Boxster? There was one advertised in Perth recently at a price just within my reach. But if I can’t afford the servicing on my Magna, I think I’d choke on Porsche service prices. Nice thought, but no.


I had breakfast in a cafe this morning while waiting for my car. The scrambled eggs were served on two small pieces of toast, but they weren’t buttered. This seems to be the norm these days, but I was annoyed. The coffee was insipid.

When I went to pay, I stood at the till with my wallet out and said, “Mine was the scrambled eggs and coffee.”  The guy looked blankly at me and mumbled something. I asked him to repeat. He said, “You want to pay?”

Er no mate, I always stand like this for no good reason. I said yes, and he said, “Where were you sitting?” Bloody hell, he’d been serving me! At 9.30am it wasn’t busy. It was only a couple of tables away. I showed him where and it seemed to get through this time. But all in all, I came away from there with a bad feeling and no desire to return.


I thought I’d found my next cruise, but I’ve just received the revised fare with single supplement. It bumps it from $3099 to $4999. It’s out of the question, I’m afraid, at that price. Pity, it’s a really fascinating Asian itinerary.


What on Earth is going on with this WordPress rubbish??? I compose a page as above, but I can’t find a way to post it. Or rather, if I don’t preview it, I can post it, but if I preview it, the option to post disappears! At this moment, I’ve tried everything including Publish Immediately, but nothing happens. I can’t even go to Dashboard to check its status. Beep beep POOP!

PS: well, something worked to get it on-line here, but I have no idea how I published.  I’d get onto them to point out these bugs, but I can’t see a way to do that either. Weird.


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